Leadership Days

Highschool Leaders @ St.Stephen’s create a high-five tunnel

Whether you’re looking for a way to infuse more school spirit into your school or create a culture of student leadership, our team of motivational speakers, workshop facilitators, dj’s, and high school student leaders can help.

A “Leadership Day” is like bringing ILITE or Camp Olympia right into your gym and classroom.  Custom tailored to fit your student body and school schedule, it’s an awesome way to bring your school together and learn about what it takes to be a leader.

Interested?  Email: michael.consul@tcdsb.org

The following pictures are examples of previous leadership days run at different schools across the TCDSB.

Justin Baccus and Milhouse from Positive Gear
Students from Our Lady of Fatima
St. Ursula Leadership Day




6 thoughts on “Leadership Days

  1. hey im from blessed john 23rd and i was at this program at sennetor oconner and i wanted to ask: wheres the vid of us doing the harlem shake?

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