Often times students say that their highlight of the year is Camp Olympia! Camp Olympia is an incredible student leadership camp experience held in Huntsville, Ontario. Here students are able to develop old and new skills in becoming better, more empowered leaders. Camp Olympia welcomes the faces of over 1000 intermediate student leaders every year! Students take every advantage to develop personal leadership skills and network with like minded student leaders. Students leave camp with the knowledge and self-confidence to really make a difference in their schools, community and the world!

For this year’s dates visit click this link

Also, for a sneak peak into the Camp Olympia experience check out this video !

To register your school, have your teacher email:

9 thoughts on “CAMP OLYMPIA

  1. Dear Michael,
    Please contact me asap! I tried to contact you several times through email but I didn’t get any response from you. My daughter won a week at camp Olympia while she was attending ILite program and we still didn’t get any information.

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