E-CSLIT October Video Discussion

E-CSLIT Leaders, Before our November face-to-face meeting: Watch this Youtube video: Take a Seat, Make a Friend In the comment section below, answer these two questions: What are your thoughts about this video? (Did you like it, do you think it would work in Toronto, how did it make you feel?)  As leaders, how can... Continue Reading →

E-CSLIT Meeting #1 – October 7th, 2015

Thank you to all who attended the first ECSLIT meeting of 2015-2016 which was held at the Catholic Education Centre (80 Sheppard Ave. E.).Over 15 schools participated in our first ECSLIT meeting and it was such a great start to our year. ECSLIT stands for the Elementary Catholic Student Leadership Impact Team. It’s where elementary student... Continue Reading →

Monthly Challenge – October 7, 2015

BUILD A TOILET PAPER ROLL CAR RULES: 1 Toilet Paper Roll (Not Paper Towel) Cannot Use Pre-Fabricated Wheels GOAL: Reach Farthest Distance When Let Go (Not Pushed) From The Top Of A Ramp THE SCHOOL THAT GOES THE FARTHEST WINS Here are some examples: BE CREATIVE! GOOD LUCK!

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