October 1st, 2013


Thank you to all the schools that attended our first E-CSLIT meeting of the 2013-14 school year!!!  We had a packed house with close to 40 schools in attendance.  Big thanks to our Director of Education Angela Gauthier for giving us our official welcome to the new school year.

Here’s a summary of what happened.

Student Leaders and their teachers from close to 40 different schools anxiously wait for the beginning of the meeting
Student leaders bring in items to donate to St. Francis’ Table for their Thanks-giving food drive. Hooray Student Leaders!!!

St. Francis Table came to pick up all this food.  See pictures HERE.

Our new E-CSLIT Chair Marivic Victolero introduces herself and brings up the energy with her enthusiasm. Welcome Marivic!!!
Student Leaders get active as Marivic leads them in an icebreaker – despite the space limitations we made it work and it was super fun!
Angela Gauthier the Director of Education gives us some words of wisdom about what makes a leader, her vision of Elementary Student Leadership, and thanks our fabulous E-CSLIT teachers for their commitment.

Michael Consul gives his monthly virtue speech on Gratitude.  No picture 😦 (He was holding the camera!)

Download his speech HERE.

Students all get a gratitude rock to help remind them of all the wonder blessings that God has brought into their lives.

Each student chose their own powerful word to write on their gratitude rock.


Now to our guest speakers:

Our guest speakers from Read to Rap teach us the importance of being on time and putting our best foot forward.
Student Leaders volunteer to write and perform their own rap! They were awesome!
These leaders are ready for a record deal!

Now it’s time for PIZZA!!!!

Yummy for my tummy! Precious Blood enjoying their pizza.
Even leaders need to take a break.  St. Pius student leaders enjoying their pizza.
To limit the amount of waste produced, each student leader brought their own reusable water bottle. (What school are you, let us know by writing a comment below)
St. Thomas Aquinas downed their pizza and is now ready for the school challenge!
E-CSLIT takes over the CEC!
Student Trustees Will and Enrique introduce themselves and the role of CSLIT.
Michael Consul’s style is rubbing off 🙂
The challenge: Make a paper airplane that will fly across the atrium. (What school are you? Let us know what writing a comment below)
Teamwork and communication.  Way to go St. Paschal Baylon!
Let me look search the internet using my ipad to see what’s the best design
Teachers look on from above and route on their students
Ms. Jones. How did you get into both pictures 🙂
St. Agnes pose with what they think will be the winning paper airplane.
Will this plane win? (Write a comment below and let us know what school you’re from)
St. Maria Goretti thinks they have the winning plane!
Maybe Holy Spirit’s plane will make it across

Here’s a video of the winning school!! – The only school that made it across!

Thank you to all the amazing teachers who brought out their students! You’re commitment to student leadership is amazing!!!

Our next face-to-face meeting is on Thursday, November 7th – 4:30 pm.  Remember to bring your Straw Challenge!!!

Join us for our first E-CSLIT Online meeting on Thursday, October 17th – Log on as early as 3:15 pm.  Meeting starts at 3:45 pm.

Thank you student leaders and teachers for kicking off E-CSLIT in an amazing way.  We are looking forward to an super year of Catholic Student Leadership!

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