Last Challenge of 2013-2014



Did you know that next Thursday, April 4th is our last E-CSLIT face-to-face meeting at the CEC?

Why you ask? Well, there’s no meeting in May because most of us are at Camp Olympia.  And in June, we have our full day E-CSLIT retreat. (Yay!)

So, since it’s our last meeting, we’re going to have a leader gift exchange as our final challenge (we’ll save “Helping Hand” for next year).  This is how it works:

Each leader, please bring a wrapped small gift worth $1-2 (heck if you want to spend more it’s up to you), but not necessary because it’s the thought that counts.


  • Find something at the dollar store
  • Make something – be creative
  • Write a poem, decorate it…….maybe even frame it

Whatever small gift you decide to bring, put it in a gift bag or wrap it.  Don’t write a name on it because you’ll be giving it to a random student leader (so make sure it’s appropriate for a girl or a boy).

Teachers, bring a gift too!!!  Teachers will be paired up with another teacher as well.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Can’t wait to see you all at our last face-to-face E-CSLIT meeting next Thursday, April 4th – 4:30 pm.

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