i-LITE 2012

In 2012 iLite took place at four different high schools that played host to numerous elementary student leaders across the Toronto Catholic District School Board. iLite saw the faces of several performers, workshop presenters, and guest speakers. Some of these people were Diego a performer from Next star, a hit television show, graduates from the TCDSB Miranda Dela Cruz and Isabel Ng-Lai who have started their own organization 1Focus and StarChild X who sang their new hit, just to name a few. Stu Saunders the key note speaker is one of the most successful and effective speakers in North America. For almost 20 years Stu has traveled across the United States and Canada delivering hilarious, empowering and memorable presentations. Over two million people have heard Stu speak.

Last year, iLITE took place on the following 4 dates and locations:

Tues. Jan. 31 – Father John Redmond
Wed. Feb. 1 – James Cardinal McGuigan
Thurs. Feb. 2 – St. Patrick’s
Fri. Feb. 3 – Blessed Mother Teresa

Please click on each school to see pictures from that day.

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