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FINAL (edit)-tcdsb (with Catholic)

Hello Leaders,

This website was created to inform, update, comment on, plan, connect, and motivate everyone interested in Catholic Student Leadership with the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Please leave comments, ask questions, get involved, and stay connected.  This site is for you.

Thank you kindly for your continued support of Catholic Student Leadership.

Mike and Greg
Left: Greg Rogers (Retired, currently works at WE) Right: Michael Consul (Student Leadership)

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Nadine Shivdat
Field/Clinical Placement George Brown College




Katie Carino

Katie Bender
Teacher Candidate UOIT



Michelle Headshot

Michelle Prioriello
Teacher Candidate UOIT




Michelle Jofre: Co-op Student
Madonna Catholic Secondary School




gr11 picture-1

Adjovi Fiagbe: Co-op Student
Madonna Catholic Secondary School




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    1. You’re welcome. Your leadership team deserved it. Online E-CSLIT meeting this Thurs. Check this site for log on instructions…..win another pizza lunch for your group!

    1. Hey there Vittoria! We did find a jacket! Please e-mail @studentleadershipcoop and we’ll touch base on how we can get the jacket Back to you!

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