iLITE Workshop Descriptions – Thurs. Jan. 28


1Voices of Canadian Veterans WWII Asia: Metallic, Macdonell & Force 136
Using Kahoot Quiz, video clips, and chat box, students will learn and engage in conversation about Canadian war veterans: George Macdonell, Patrick Metallic, and Force 136. Themes such as captivity, survival, racism/privilege, and trauma will be explored.
2The Doctrine of Discovery: Indigenous People in Canada
The Doctrine of Discovery was used to legitimize the colonization of Indigenous peoples in Canada and used to dehumanize, exploit and subjugate Indigenous peoples and dispossess them of their most basic rights that is still used today. Come learn about what’s not in the history books.
3Can One Song Change The World?
We all dream of living in a loving, peaceful and harmonious world but is this actually possible? Join this workshop to find out and experience it for yourself!
4Cyber Bullying 101: Be Kind Online, Words Don’t Rewind
Students will learn about the different forms of cyberbullying, awareness and prevention. We will also talk about our responsibility as digital citizens to be kind online and to think before we post
5Changing the world one student at a time
Inspiring others to get involved in helping others in our schools and beyond. How can you be an agent of change in your school to help one another especially during these unique times
6Looking at Opportunities, Challenges, & Success in a New Way
Life! It has good days, bad days, and everything in between. Each person’s life journey is different but working on life skills are key to opening new opportunities.
7Le français pour mon futur
Students are invited to explore the advantages of continuing their studies in French through a series of activities, games, facts and discussions that prove that bilinguism is rewarding! Vive le français!
8The Mental Health Toolbox
This presentation will cover the myths and facts about Mental Health and Mental Illness. It will also include Mental Health Strategies and Tools to add to your emotional toolbox along with a few short videos.
9Yoga For Sleep: Cultivating a Restorative Yoga Practice
Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice that has a profound impact on our nervous system. Let’s learn how to show our bodies how to transition to sleep comfortably and naturally through mediation, relaxation, and prayer.
10“Hey Sirie, How do I Thrive and Survive???”
In this active workshop we will be playing ice breakers, watching videos, and discussing your life journey from caterpillar to butterfly. We will be exploring 5 character traits, resilience, and the power of I AM affirmations.
11How a Hug Can Change the World
A hug is a powerful thing. A hug is a physical presentation of support, hope, compassion and concern. They can do things that sometimes words just can’t. Come and learn about how Meagan’s HUG is changing the lives of paediatric brain tumour patients and their families and how you can be a part of the HUG movement.
12“Acting” like a leader
Getting to know yourself and the powers one possesses. Some of us don’t know just how much influence and power we have just by being ourselves. We all have something great to offer. All you need to do is ACT like a leader and the rest will fall into place
13Let’s Build a Mindful Toolkit
Take some time to learn your stress response. Learn how to build a coping toolkit that is just right for you. When you practice with your mindful tools you will learn how to help find your ‘calm’ so you can learn better, be more open to conversations, and be ready to have some fun everyday.
14Start the Conversation Bell Let’s Talk Day
This workshop will allow students to develop strategies to talk about mental wellness for themselves and others. We will also talk about how to become more aware of positive mental health practices.
15Dare to be great! Lead the way to a healthier day!
You too can be a Wellness Avenger! Learn to lead fun and creative activities to support healthy minds and healthy bodies. You’re needed now more than ever!
16Drama Dance Flash Mob
Tap in to your creativity with Drama Improvisation and learn a short flash mob routine to a Justin Timberlake medley.
**You will need a scarf for improv.
17An Introduction to Improv (Improvisational Theatre)
This workshop will offer an introduction to improv! Improvisational Theatre is a lot of fun and super easy because you make it all up as you go. All you need is your imagination and have a positive Catholic student leadership attitude. The workshop will incorporate the basic rules of improv, some brain teasers and Improv games for all to enjoy!
18Want to change the world?
Do you care about the environment? About social justice? So do we! And we believe that together we can change the world. Come find out how!
19Poverty Promises, COVID Vaccines and Your Voice!
Learn about amazing promises Canada and 192 nations made to end global poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030—Sustainable Development Goals. Should these promises lead to helping the world get the COVID vaccine?
20Staying Rooted in Canada: How Heritage Education Makes Strong Leaders
By recognizing the legacy of your culture, boost confidence in your voice. Uses Philippine examples.
21Called To Serve
Stewardship, the virtue of Justice and how ShareLife agencies serve those in need. Help find real solutions to support those in need in a virtual world.
#MyEnvironment is an initiative aiming to initiate conversations with youth about climate change in Canada. Through this workshop, youth will get to share their opinion and ideas on environmental issues.
23Do we all have some form of Mental Health yes or no ???
Are you struggling with forming your personal definition of what mental health looks and feel like for you? What skills and tools you need to have to support your personal mental health growth and knowledge. Well, you have found the right workshop for you! In this interactive and informative session, you will go away with at least 1 tool to add to your mental toolbox.
24AI: Can You Teach a Machine?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) might not be evil robots taking over (yet!), but it is a part of our daily lives, so we have to ask, who is teaching AI? Can you?
25R.I.O.T.: Real Issues of Today
R.I.O.T. looks at the problem youth and young adults are facing, and helps you to see, hear, and know that God is walking with you. It also addresses practical ways you can support your peers as they also walk through life.
26Dollars and cents!
Ever think about money? What did you think? Learn some simple concepts to get you started on the right path with your money.
27JEDI Knight Training (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
Join us for JEDI Knight Training to learn the top 4 things you should know to engage in Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work. Through the lens of Star Wars, explore the theme of our faith in God, faith in friendship, and building community. Learn life lessons in resiliency, communication, effective listening, and self-care. In a galaxy not so far-far-away, join JEDI Master Lisa, Padawan Audrey, and Baby Yoda. May the force be with you!
28TCDSB In the Round Songwriting workshop
Are you a budding songwriter? This session will offer helpful tips to writing songs and give an opportunity for you to share your passion for creating music.
29The Voice of English Language Learners: A Student Perspective on Learning
Listen to English Language Learners share their incredible personal stories of resilience and drive to excel in a new country. This workshop will provide us with a student perspective on learning a new language, navigating a new school system, and thriving in Canada.
30Redefine Success
We often view success by our ability to set a goal and then achieve that desired outcome. We may define ourselves by what we do, and what awards we have won – but that is not the only definition of success. While results are important, it is equally important to create a mechanism that keeps us motivated and inspired along the way. Sometimes goals change, sometimes unforeseen circumstances come in to play, and through all that, we can remain resilient with a success criteria. In this workshop, participants will be guided through a process to lead them to their new success criteria, that will allow them to see the success in the everyday.
31Learn How To Design & Develop A Video Game
GameCreationCamp will teach students the skills necessary to create video games. Students will work with real world game development experts on a hands-on project.

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