E-C.S.L.I.T. stands for Elementary Catholic Student Leadership Impact Team.  It’s a group of elementary student leaders (grade 6, 7, 8) from across the TCDSB who meet twice a month (once face-to-face, once online) to network, share ideas, learn about topics that impact elementary students, and have fun!

SIGN UP YOUR SCHOOL TODAY BY EMAILING michael.consul@tcdsb.org

For this year’s dates click this link, or visit the E-CSLIT category on the right

There are over 200 student leaders and 65+ teachers representing schools from Scarborough to Etobicoke who participate.  All schools are welcome to come join us.  All you have to do is email: studentleadershipcoop@gmail.com


So what do we do every month?  Well, every meeting is different but we generally:

A. Have a fun ice breaker
B. Listen to words of wisdom from a Superintendent or Trustee
C. Enjoy a virtue of the month speech by Michael Consul
D. Have a guest/motivational speaker
E. Eat Pizza!
F. Compete in monthly school challenges (which we prepare between meetings)
G. Learn leadership skills from different teachers sharing their best practices
H. Watch our teachers compete in team building challenges
I. And get informed about upcoming leadership events and opportunities

Come Join Us!

Heart's up! E-CSLIT showing everyone love.

See what happened at our meeting:

The voice of Elementary Catholic Student Leadership











Sign up your school today by emailing michael.consul@tcdsb.org

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