SMILE Camper Smiling

Click HERE to see this year’s SMILE Camp schools

SMILE Camp stands for Students and Staff Maximizing Inter- Community Leadership Experience.  SMILE Camp is a partnership with ProAction Cops & Kids and the Toronto District School Board which focuses on celebrating our diversity and building community.

Held at Camp George in Parry Sound, here’s a break down of the SMILE process.

Step 1 (Early November)
Pre-Camp Training – Students gather before camp to build community and identify issues at their school that need addressing

Step 2 (Late November)
3 day leadership training at Camp George in Parry Sound

Step 3 (Last day of camp)
Action planning – Now that we’re trained and we’ve identified what issues need to be addressed, what are some concrete things we can do to make a change in our schools and communities

Step 4 (December – April)
Putting action plan into action – bring our plan to life and making it happen

Step 5 (April)
Celebration / Reunion – coming back together in to celebration our successes, report back on our action plans and reconnect with our fellow SMILE leaders

Click HERE to see pictures from our last SMILE CAmp

Click HERE to see this year’s SMILE Camp schools

Action Plans

SMILE leaders presenting their action plan



To get your school involved, email

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