Leadership can’t just be taught out of a textbook, it needs to be experienced!  And one of the best ways to experience leadership at camp!

Leadership camps allow students to get away from the city and full immerse themselves in the process.  It’s a perfect setting to build community among peers, learn from like-minded leaders, and build community.

Click the links below to find out more about what our leadership camps offer.

Olympia Leadership Camp

Camp Olympia (April/May) – 3 days, 400 students, guest speakers, leadership seminars, annual lipsync competition, warm fuzzies, and of course the dance!!!


SMILE Camp (November) (Students and Staff Maximizing Inter- Community Leadership Experience) – 6 schools, 100 participants, partnership with TDSB and Toronto Police Service.  Focus:  Celebrating diversity and building community.

7 Habits Camp @ Olympia (Summer)

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Camp (Summer) – Learn the habits needed to be an effective leader in this one week camp held at the end of August.

Power Up Camp @ Olympia (Summer)

Power Up Camp (Summer)  – This academic learning and performance enhancing one week experience will power you up for September and jump start your school year.


For more information on these camps or to register your school, have your teacher email:

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