What a GREAT Idea!

Below is a list of GREAT educator ideas that have been featured in previous 3 Teacher Tips Thursday post.

Guest Teachers – A paradigm for students.

Prepared virtue of the month speeches you can use at assemblies or in you classroom.

Morning check in. Great way to start your day and build community.

Random Daily Facts. Starting each day with a random but related fact to the lesson topic of the day.

Weekly Theme Days. List of theme day ideas you can do in your classroom.

Hosting school talent shows and assemblies in a virtual world. A great spirit and community builder.

Daily morning greeting and adjustments made due to physical distancing.

Bringing leaders amongst leaders in your classroom.

A document camera make it easy to display stuff to your students. 

Write Rules in Stone, the advantages of making your students write and present class rules. 

Using food can help teachers bond and get to know their students better.

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