What a GREAT Idea!

Below is a list of GREAT educator ideas that have been featured in previous 3 Teacher Tips Thursday post.

Guest Teachers – A paradigm for students.

Prepared virtue of the month are the speeches you can use at assemblies or in your classroom.

Morning check in. Great way to start your day and build community.

Random Daily Facts. Starting each day with a random but related fact to the lesson topic of the day.

Weekly Theme Days. List of theme day ideas you can do in your classroom.

Hosting school talent shows and assemblies in a virtual world. A great spirit and community builder.

Daily morning greeting and adjustments made due to physical distancing.

Bringing leaders amongst leaders in your classroom.

A document camera that makes it easy to display stuff to your students. 

Write Rules in Stone, the advantages of making your students write and present class rules. 

Incorporating into your lesson to get to know your students more. 

Great way to promote class participation even when their cameras off. 

Blind polls Collin a fast easy way to get your to participate and get the read of the crowd.

Bring learning to life with guest speakers and experiential learning.

Wonderful Wednesday’s creating time for students to express what they grateful for.

A teacher rubric: Have your students evaluate your teaching for real feedback.

Have your students create their own podcast.

Meditation has been proven to improve focus and attention among students. 

A Virtual Space where you can interact with your students, staff, family, and friends and admire their work.

Here is a a pre-made slideshow filled with fun games and activities for you and your students to enjoy.

Here is a great YouTube video to use to “re-direct” your students’ attention.

With the sedentary lifestyle, from the result of the pandemic, we all just need to think outside of them box.

Rock, Paper, Scissors. A quick and fun game you can play during class if you’re on zoom or google meet.

The most important thing is to make it FUN for all involved! Direct a quick 15 minute brain break during the day or a full 30+ minute art lesson.

Heads or Tails is a quick and fun game to get your students up out of their seats while learning about probability! This works with both online and face to face.

MasterClass’s courses include a wide variety of lessons from individuals who are MASTERS of their FIELD. An opportunity to reflect on what it takes to excel in the field these ‘masters’ have dominated.

Speed friending is a great way of getting to know other people in a short time span. A very fun and quick activity to get a conversation started. Easy way to talk amongst others to create connections and bonds through possible common interests.

Whether it’s a project – big or small – a Gantt chart is particularly useful for simplifying complex projects.

VIRTUAL PLAY DAY is an amazing idea for all students, especially during these times. Play for fun or keep score — having your students complete activities and challenges gets them their daily physical activity.

Virtual scavenger hunts are remote games in which participants race against the clock to find items or fulfill challenges before time runs out. 

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