Professional Development

Below is a list of Professional Development resources that have been featured in previous 3 Teacher Tips Thursday post.

It’s like having a cup of coffee with master teachers across the country.

A group of collaborative teachers willing to share ideas and best practices.

Free online training for programs available on Apple platforms.

Daily teacher tips to add to your teacher toolbox posted by teachers, for teachers.

High Performing Student Podcast. Great listen for yourself or to play in class for your students.

Using social media as a tool to pick the brains of educators across the world.

The Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO) offers TCDSB teachers a plethora of valuable resources and PD opportunities.

The video, Small Group Lesson Idea: Rhyming, is a Great YouTube video for primary teachers.

How to create an environment where every student feels and acts like a leader. 

The latest articles, news updates within Canadian schools, and professional learning opportunities, are all part of this online resource.

With a MindJournal, you can achieve anything. It is simply a journal that helps men all over the world feel happier and healthier.

TCDSB secondary teacher Adrian Del Monte has a great podcast filled with teacher tips.

Jon Harper, an assistant principal, creates resources such as podcasts for teachers to improve different aspects of their lives.

Brene Brown shares her research and personal experiences around topics such as leadership development, building cultures of inclusion, resilience plus empathy in our workplaces, and caring environments in our families and communities. 

This book has 9 modules on how to combat distant learning.

All 5 recordings of the live broadcast are posted at

The Modern Classrooms Project is a completely self-paced course that awards a certificate upon completion.

Mind Valley is an amazing website that teaches college-level skills for a fraction of the cost.  

HAVE YOU MISSED “HEAR ME OUT”!!!! Don’t worry you can watch it here again with our amazing CSLIT Catholic Student Leadership.

Following other teachers who share free resources and knowledge is a great way to learn about new online ed tools, techniques and strategies to use in the classroom (check out this post for some great accounts to follow)!

As easy as it may seem, open YouTube and search for specific TedX talk topics you want to learn about…available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Professional development at your fingertips, whenever…wherever (as long as you’re connected to the internet of course ;)!

Virtual Camps are available at Wonderopolis for kids to participate in over the weekends or over the summer holidays. There are several options to choose from. Maker Experiments help to make them interactive, STEAM-based, and literacy-focused.

The podcast StarTalk is an amazing podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is amazing at taking something complicated and explaining it in a way that anyone can understand. A great listen! Love, learn and stay entertained from it.

There are so many art and sketching resources, like Art for Kids Hub and Join in Sketch on Youtube, are great ways to have fun engaging in a hobby, even if you aren’t an artist.

There’s a trick called the 20-20-20 rule that is recommended by doctors to prevent eye strains, especially working online. Every 20 minutes you should try to look away at something that is 20 feet away for a total of 20 seconds.

BookWidgets is a good tool to motivate their students by adding interactive activities into lessons.

SMART goals is not only about school life; Effective goal setting can help give direction to your career, health, relationships, and personal life.

Helps teachers, parents, students and administrators in the K-12 schools to communicate with everyone.

A very creative and passionate educator who offers a diverse range of resources that any teacher can immediately integrate into their own programming.

TeachThought covers a wide range of issues split into four categories: critical thinking, learning, teaching, and learning in the future.

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