VTC Workshop Descriptions – Fri. Mar. 5


TEquity in Education
Equity. Equality. Privilege. Racism. Representation. Change. Leadership. These are the buzz words that are floating around in education these days. In today’s workshop, we will be diving much deeper than the definitions of these terms. We will share our lived experiences to help uncover the biases that exist within the educational system. We will also give participants the opportunity to voice potential solutions that will help the TCDSB achieve true equity and justice.
1The Doctrine of Discovery of 1493 and the Seeds of Destruction:
The Doctrine of Discovery of 1493 and the real reason why Indigenous People in Canada have been dominated and subjugated over the past 500 years.
2Students Lead! Success Follows!
Wondering how to get more involved in your school community? Curious about how to get others involved in your school community? Thinking “what’s the point of being involved anyway” or “how will it help me”?! Come discover how a small school community created a mindset of leadership which has resulted in leadership-focused courses and extra-curricular involvement, even during COVID, and how leadership has had an incredible impact on self-esteem and success. The path to leadership is yours to discover! Come journey with us.
3Empowerment Through Spoken Word Performance to Be a Game Changer
In this workshop, students will be exposed to the genre and empowering aspects of spoken word poetry and how it is used as a commentary and agent of social change.
4Cyberbullying 101: Be Kind Online, Words Don’t Rewind
This workshop outlines what cyberbullying is, how/why it happens, legal implications and how to respond to online harassment.
5Wellness Revolution
BE YOU. Let’s create new and develop existing relationships in our lives by reconnecting with ourselves.
6Messge in a Bottle
By looking at plastic bottles of water, we can learn a lot about how water has a human right, shared commons, and a sacred gift. Let water be our teacher as we explore.
7Be the Change
Learn about youth homelessness, how to get involved with a national charity, and be empowered by a step-by-step guide to kick-starting your own activism projects as change-makers in your community.
8Game Design & Development Session
GameCreationCamp teaches students the coding, innovation, creativity and design skills necessary to create computer games. Students will work with real-world game and software development experts on hands-on projects to demonstrate new skills in software and game development skills. Students will also be exposed to how they can use these newly learned skills in different career paths.
9Invest in Yourself: Lead your Future
Being a teen is tough enough, now it’s exponentially tougher during these challenging times. Invest in your personal leadership skills to face whatever life throws your way.
10Flip the world!
Do you want to change the world? Do you have a passion for Social Justice? If you answered “yes” to either of these two questions, we at D&P would love to meet you! @devpeaceon
11Money TAlks
Learn and understand the fundamentals of saving and budgeting. This is one of the most important skills you will need as an adult.
12The Power of a HUG
Come and learn about the power a HUG can have and how you, as students, can make a difference in both your school and the broader community by getting involved.
13Girl Power Talks
Providing a safe space for girls to discuss issues that affect them on a daily basis. In this workshop participants (Female) will present their questions and concerns and we discuss/problem-solve together as a group.
14Yoga For Sleep Cultivating a Restorative Yoga Practice
Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice that has a profound impact on our nervous system. Let’s learn how to show our bodies how to transition to sleep comfortably and naturally through mediation, relaxation, and prayer.
15Activate Your Soul Light to Empower Your Life!
Do you want to take your life to the next level? Learn how to use the Love Peace Harmony song, calligraphy and meditation for positive, uplifting transformation!
16Falling Forward is a Way of Life
Challenge, Hardship, and Perseverance are some of the hardest things to go through but are also some of the most essential life experiences that lead to opportunity and success. Our workshop provides tips and relatable experiences on building self-esteem and developing Life Skills to overcome challenges.
17Feel Good and Succeed
Feeling good is the secret to finding success! Learn how to feel good, especially during difficult times. Empower yourself to achieve success and happiness in your daily life.
18Project Power
Superpowers??? Really? All human beings have the ability to achieve great things through their gifts and talents. But, how can you know what your superpowers are, and—since I know some people will be asking—how can you even be sure that you have them? This is an opportunity to discover the powers that you have in order to make an impact in the world.
19Perfect at being imperfect
Learning to master and harness your unique gifts that make and qualify to be a successful leader.
20CANCELLED – Unpack Your HERO: The Guide to Social & Emotional Learning
Are you curious about how to harness your inner H.E.R.O. to achieve your goals, make your voice heard and manage the changes of becoming an adult? Unpack Your H.E.R.O and explore the character of your life in this playful, interactive and colourful workshop! I’ve got 5 scenes to share that will show you how to direct the story of your life. Come and see the story unfold!
21Staying Rooted: How Heritage Education Makes Stronger Leaders
Learn how embracing your heritage gives you the roots to stand strong in order to advocate for change. Uses Philippine examples.
22An Introduction to Improv!
This workshop will offer an introduction to improv! Improvisational Theatre is a lot of fun and super easy because you make it all up as you go. All you need is your imagination and a positive Catholic student leadership attitude. The workshop will incorporate the basic rules of improv, some brain teasers, and Improv games for all to enjoy!
23Making time for Practice, Prayer, and Presence
Learn strategies to practice mindfulness and meditation in your life! Sometimes when life is uncertain or stressful, the best thing for our mental well-being is to slow down, be present and meditate! Join this workshop to learn more about Christian Meditation.
24Communication tools for Effective leaders
How heritage, language, education, and culture Makes Strong Leaders.
25Breaking the Barriers in Sport – Influencing Change
This session allows for an open and honest conversation about equity, diversity, and inclusion in sport. It will provide opportunities for critical conversations about barriers to sport, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism within sports and physical activities. We will discuss how sports can be an agent of social change and will engage in critical conversations to have students’ voices heard in rethinking the way we offer sport to the youth. Students’ voices play an important role in making sports more accepting and inclusive for all. Have your voice heard!
26Yes, and…Improv Workshop
Let loose with creative drama improv activities. Dare to have fun! Build your leadership skills and confidence through self-expression.
27Changing the World One Student at a Time
Learn more about the official charity of the TCDSB – The Angel Foundation for Learning! Find out how AFL helps students succeed inside and outside the classroom. Learn more about how you can help us continue to make positive impacts on the lives of children and families across the Board.
#MyEnvironment is an initiative aiming to initiate conversations with youth about climate change in Canada. Through this workshop, youth will get to share their opinion and ideas on environmental issues.
29What is Hip Hop Anyway?
Understand Hip Hop, its philosophy, expression, and, effects on popular culture?
30Social Media Advocacy: Influencers For Social Justice
Discover what you’re passionate about, including racial justice and LGBTQ+ rights. Learn how to use your voice to become a leader and make a difference in the world
31Healing Relationships through LOVE
We have all been spending a lot, I mean a lot of time with those close to us, and inevitable conflict or “moments for growth” arises, what then? How do we move through frustration, anger, disappointment, sadness with LOVE to create more peaceful relationships? Come through to our circle as we share tips, techniques & build together through an artistic lens. We are all going through it and the best medicine is knowing we are not alone.
32Hyphenated Canadians
Racist propaganda is a strategy that dehumanizes a certain race to make them seem more like the enemy and spread hate. Students will explore the Canadian context of racist propaganda.
33Sport and STEM
The Sport and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) workshop will allow students to discover the value of academics through sport and physical activity. Through the workshop, students will be challenged to build on their critical thinking and decision-making skills to see how the learnings from the workshop could be applied inside and outside of the classroom. With the Voices that Challenge theme, this workshop will be a touch on the importance of connecting young people with STEM topics to increase their comfortability and interest in STEM, and the value of having their voices represented in the STEM field.
34Peer Encouragement: Creating a community of positivity
You have a superpower!! Discover how your positive energy can support others in your community. This workshop will introduce you to a group of student superheroes who bring positivity and encouragement to their school. They will share how they planned events and got their message of kindness out into their community, even during COVID. You can be a positive superhero too. Join us for some encouragement and practical ideas.
35Acting Like A Leader
Getting to know yourself and the powers one possesses. Some of us don’t know just how much influence and power we have just by being ourselves. We all have something great to offer. All you need to do is ACT like a leader and the rest will fall into place.
36History of anti-Blackness in Canada
An informative crash history course on systematic anti-Blackness in Canada and why it’s important to learn this history.
37Dollars and Sense!
Ever think about money? What did you think? We’ll go through simple concepts so you start your money journey right!
38Empowering Youth through Leadership and Action
How did an Instagram account turn into a registered non-profit organization that has positively impacted hundreds of youth across the GTA? Learn how a group of students are empowering each other to create positive change.
39Called to Serve
Learn about Stewardship! Focus on justice and the work of ShareLife to determine how we are all called to serve those in need.
40Thinking, Feeling, Doing
Youth thoughts influence how you feel and your feelings influence your actions. This workshop helps you to learn why you respond to your circumstances in the way you do understanding where these thoughts come from is important. The workshop will help you: Identify the biggest influences on your thoughts, understand the spectrum of emotions, deal with your emotions for better outcomes, set goals for desired outcomes.
41The Mental Health Toolbox
This workshop will cover myths and facts about mental health plus mental illness and how stress impacts us. We will introduce different coping strategies to maintain our overall well-being.

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