Below is a list of online tools that have been featured in previous 3 Teacher Tips Thursday post.

Distance Learning Resources from the TCDSB Nurturing our Catholic Community Team. Includes daily prayers and reflections and link to employee portal.

An online pin up board where students can post their thoughts and ideas for the whole class to see.

Instructions on how to make your own Bitmojis.

Bring lessons to life and explore the world through augmented and virtual reality.

Students can create their own avatars, storyboards, posters, comic strips, and even a class photo.

A great way to create online engage using a variety of visual ways to display data collection via a poll.

Star walk 2 app is an amazing way to teach science.

Fast easy way to make creative slides that look amazing.

With ILOVEPDF you can split large PDF’s into smaller documents.

With this Explain Everything app you can record lessons, use a digital whiteboard and have class discussions.

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