Mini WE DAY @ St. Ursula

St. Ursula's fearless leaders!
St. Ursula’s fearless leaders!

On November 29th, students in grades four to eight took part in St. Ursula’s very first mini We Day. There were many fun activities such as, learning the We Day dance, watching our students speak about various causes related to Me to We, watching other students perform cultural dances and viewing slideshows. Overall, we had a fantastic time; we learned about the new country that we are raising money for, Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America; poverty is a huge problem in Nicaragua. Close to half of the people in Nicaragua live in rural areas. Two-thirds of the people in Nicaragua struggle to survive on little more than one American dollar per day. All of our charity money will be going to better the health in Nicaragua. So as you can see, Nicaragua desperately needs our help, so look forward to our upcoming fundraising efforts.
By: Clarice and Melissa St. Ursula Gr. 8 students

Hats off to St. Ursula and their Me-to-We Team!



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