Rube Goldberg Challenge

 Create a Rube Goldberg machine/invention, device (a deliberately over-engineered or overdone machine) that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction.
1) As a school, you can choose any materials you want to construct your Rube Goldberg machine.
      – Bristol Board
      – Glue/Tape
      – Elastic Bands/String – Ball
      – Wood
      – Dominoes
      – Pulleys
2) The goal is to piece all of the schools’ machines together to create one giant Rube Goldberg Machine.
3) Let’s try to accomplish this goal with a limit of restarting/lifting the ball 10 times.
This is order by which we will be connecting to each other is below.  Teachers, please touch base with:
a. The school before you so you know how to start your machine
b. The school after you so they know how to start their machine
Our Lady of Fatima  Chiara Novak  
St. Jean De Brebeuf Ryan Aunger Jennifer Brault/Linda Choe
Holy Spirit Elementary School Roxanne Goodridge Carolyn Cervantes
St. Nicholas of Bari Michelle Cimpric  
St. Ursula Shannon Murphy Ingrid McEachen
Sacred Heart Denny Choe  
Precious Blood Suzanne Hatch  
St. Rose of Lima Rachelle Mills Enrica Wong
St. Gerard Majella Anna Maria Puntillo Luisa Barberi
St. Kevin C.S. Deborah Karam  
St. Maria Goretti Michelle Peres  
St. Barbara Merle Gonsalvez  
St. Bede Nikki Sturino  
St. Johns Arif Ali  
Holy Redeemer Erik Stoeckl  
St. Catherine Stephanie Morra  
Epiphany of Our Lord Andrea Nip  
St. Thomas Aquinas Natalie Iafrate Abby Jones
St. Paschal Baylon Jason Wright William Kwon
St. John the Evangelist Adriana Iannozzi Christina Pasquali
St. Gabriel Lalemant Diana Marchese Maureen Drake
St. Joachim Tony Ciardullo  
St. Agnes Enzo Merenda Rania DiFelice
Blessed Sacrament Roberto Juarez  Anna Wantuch
St. Martin de Porres Mark Bryce  
Here are some youtube links to examples of Rube Gold Machines (click links):
Example 1
Example 2
See you all at the next E-CSLIT face-to-face meeting in the new year on January 10th with your completed challenges!  WE CAN DO IT!!!

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  1. Wonderful work by all E-CSLIT students. There were an abundance of gifts for homeless youth. We all made a difference in brightening up their Christmas!!!!!

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