E-CSLIT Online December 20th Meeting

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Our next E-CSLIT online meeting is happening THIS NOW

To add some fun and get into the Christmas Spirit, we’re asking all participants to wear their PAJAMAS!!!  And if they have a Christmas or winter them or pattern, even better!!

To log on, click HERE on NOW.  Pre-show starts at 3:00 pm, official meeting beings at 3:45 pm.

Cut and past the URL below if the link is in active.


Ways to participate:
1. Gather as a class/group around one computer or project on a screen.

2. Log on individually (or in pairs) on separate computers in the library or computer lab.

3. Log on individually at home.

Meeting Agenda
3:00-3:45 – Pre-show (jokes, shout-outs, FUN)

3:45-4:00 – Online Game (win a pizza lunch for your leadership team or class)

4:00 – 4:30 – Guest Speaker: Maggie Aldrich (Free the Children)

4:30 – 4:45 – Online Game (win more prizes!!!)

4:45 – 5:00 – Leadership Sharing – Students from St. Joachim

5:00 – 5:15 – Wrap Up / Credits

****Like in Marvel movies, after the credits roll and the screen goes black, there will be a secret bonus scene so stay online and join the fun :) (shhhhhhhh)

Technical Requirements
1. Make sure to log on early if it’s your first time so you can install any plug-ins that are required.  Simply follow the prompts on the screen.

2. Log on as a Guests and type both your name and the name of your school so we know who you are and where you come from (eg. Inga Carter – St. Gabriel Lalemant)

2. If you’re logging on as a group, make sure you have speakers set-up so everyone can hear

3. If you’re logging on as an individual, you can simply use your built in CPU speakers if you’re in a quiet room or use headphones

4. If you want to get more involved, make sure to have your camera and microphone set up.  Test them when you’re logged on.  If you need help, send your questions to our team in the chat box located in the bottom left hand corner.

You can also type in any questions you have as a comment below and our team will be able to answer you promptly.

See you ONLINE!!!  Log on as as early as 3:00 pm

One thought on “E-CSLIT Online December 20th Meeting

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  1. Congratulations, this is amazing.

    “To Think, to pray and to serve.” Three Vital Activities – There are three activities that are absolutely vital in the creation of a community. The first is eating together around the same table. The second is praying together. And the third is celebrating together. By celebrating I mean to laugh, to fool around, to have fun, to give thanks together for life. When we are laughing together with belly laughs we are all the same. – Vanier

    Happy New Year! Peace and Hope, Steve De Quintal Teacher

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