Day 6 – The Build (Day 1)

Today is Jan 2nd, 2013 and it’s our first day at the ANCOP Avanai build site.

First stop is the ANCOP head office for a brief orientation.

Vida our ANCOP coordinator gives us our swag bag – 2 building shirts, gloves, and towel
DSC02280 - Ed De Los Reyes - President
ANCOP President Del Los Reyes gives us a brief overview about ANCOP – it’s mission, structure, and programs
Walking through the neighboring community before we get to the ANCOP village for the first time.
Almost there! We can hardly wait…
What an AWESOME welcome! The children wave flags, dance and sing The Community song for us.
“It’s me. It’s you. It’s us. It’s love. It’s CHRIST who builds community!”
The community children mano each student leader by placing our hand on their forehead.


Our first group photo with the community. They made us feel like stars!
This is the type of housing that the people in the village live in.
These are the houses ANCOP builds which we are helping to complete during our stay.
Tito Morrie is our foreman who gives us instructions and does quality control.
It was so hot but safety ALWAYS comes first.
Step 1: scrape off excess concrete off the walls.
Step 2: Sand walls smooth with 100 grit sand paper
Step 3: look like Asian ningas with our masks and helmuts 🙂
Step 4: roll on neutralizer to condition concrete for painting.


Curious onlookers checking out what we’re doing.
Kids surround us 24-7
Mmmmm…….lunch time – but first grace before meals
After lunch we got to hang out with the kids in the playground as we await our afternoon instructions

DSC02344 DSC02348 DSC02349

Now back to work in the PM as we prep (scrape, sand, neutralize) the outside of each home for painting tomorrow.



In the afternoon, we also got some new jobs.


Mixing sand, cement, and water to make concrete mix.
Sifting sand and rock to create fine sand to be mixed with cement to plaster walls
One of our “official” duties was to play with the kids.  Guess what song we’re danceing too.
Adrian learns to play the Straw Showdon – who’s ever plastic straw breaks wins
Trying to translate, “Stella, ello, whoa….
If all else fails, play duck, goose!
“When you’re number is called, run through the ladder
Michael demonstrates our last game with the kids.
A job well done! Day 1 in the books.

In the Philippines, people ate rice at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They even have a restaurant called the “Kanin (rice) Club.”

Off to dinner at the Kanin Club…….and for some reason 5 of us decided to wear stripes.

We then headed over to Razon’s who’s known for having one of the best halo-halo in the Philippines

Leaders try halo-halo (translated as mix-mix), a traditional Filipino drink/dessert made up of shaved ice, evaporated milk, a mix of sweet beans, banana, and topped with leche flan (sweet egg flan)

Leaders were exhausted but look forward to day 2 at the build site.

5 thoughts on “Day 6 – The Build (Day 1)

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  1. Wow Mike! Photos look great, kudos to whoever is taking them. Love some of the cheesy captions 😛

    Looking through the posts and photos of this year’s trip brings me right back to the Philippines trip last year. It’s great that this year’s student leaders are having a great time and experiencing even more than what our group experienced! Looks like a great group, can’t wait to meet them all after and hear about the trip! Have a safe rest of your trip to everyone there!

  2. You and all those who have an extra strong connection with the people of the Philippines are in my thoughts and in my prayers.

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