Day 8 – The Build (Day 3)

Jan. 4 is our 3rd day on the build site.  We’re excited to get a lot of work done today.  Here’s pictures of some scenery as we approach the ANCOP build site.

This sign indicates to go down this alley which leads you to the ANCOP village
Directly in front of that sign are all these electrical meters….until Toronto, they are all located here rather on individual homes


This stream runs parallel to the alley leading to the build site. There’s tons of garbage throughout the whole stream 😦
Right before the you turn off the alley we see this sign every morning……a perfect message to describe our work in the Philippines as we put our faith into action!
As always, the kids great use with huge smiles and a dance
Tito Morrie leads us in prayer and gives us our tasks for the day
This is inside one unit we finished yesterday
We painted all the exteriors white the day before as well
Today, we are adding colour to all the units
Yesterday we got good practice applying paint (rolling and cutting)……today we need to pay even more attention to detail with the colour coat
Diane takes after her handyman father
Hilary finds it easier to paint the hard to reach places with her finger (instead of a brush)

After a morning of hard work we’re ready for lunch!


As always, the kids accompany us every where we go……so heart-warming
Look how red this locally grown watermelon is!!!
Diane shots some hoops with the kids and sinks her FIRST shot!
In the afternoon, we had some of the kids in the village to do some arts and crafts
We help move cinder hollow blocks to make it easier and faster for the other workers

Look at the serious contrast between the shanty on the left and the ANCOP home on the right that we are assisting to finish.


Teacher Merle Gonsalvez is curious to see what’s on the other side of the fence
The other side of the fence reveals a place where people dry their clothes

Playing with the kids after work has become our favourite part of the day

Leaders explain how we have a surprise activity in store for them today

Before playing some games, teacher Merle Gonsalves teaches the children choreography to the song “Fireworks” by Katy Perry.

MM Collage
The dance was a hit and the kids picked up the moves really fast


After dancing, we play a new game we called, “Kanin” (translated means rice).


Instruction 1: Put your left hand out, palms up and parallel to the ground.
Instruction 2: With your right hand, place your index finger into the left palm of the person beside you (now how do we say that all in Tagalog)
Despite our poor Tagalog, the kids finally get it 🙂
Instruction 3: When you hear the word “KANIN” in the story, move your right hand up trying to avoid getting caught and at the same time, close your left hand trying to catch the index finger of the person to your right.
Before we leave, the kids make a high five tunnel for us to enter
Hi-fives all around!!
Everyday the kids rush to the car as we enter the vehicle and leave the build site

For dinner we decide to go to S&R which is equivalent to Costco back home so that we can buy some gifts and candy for the people (kids and adult volunteers) in the ANCOP village.

Who wants pizza?
Everyone decides to pitch in to purchase a brand new portable basketball net (base, adjustable pole, backboard, rim, mesh) for the children in the village
A mere 15,000 pesos buys an item that they can use for years to come, providing fun and recreation………we’re so excited to present it to them!!!!

Tomorrow we’re off to the San Mateo ANCOP village to do some tree planting!!!

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  1. As always, God Bless you for being a Blessing to all you meet. I’m sure these days will be remembered forever by all involved.

    Best of luck with tree planting. Take care and enjoy every moment! Peace and Hope, Steve De Quintal

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