Day 10 – The Build (Day 4)

On Jan. 6, we returned to the build site from a one day hiatus.  We were eager to continue our work.  Prior to leaving though, we had some time to create cards for all the kids in the village.

Making cards for about 300 kids!

The kids really missed us an were waiting anxiously for our return as they waited for our van at the side of the road….it was so heart warming.

Awaiting our morning instructions……..perfect time to catch up with the kids

In the morning we continued painting the units, it was get back to work.  Being our second last day on the site we wanted to get in as much work as possible.  When we look back at our work since day 1, it makes us proud of our progress.

Before we got here, none of the outsides of these units were prepped, primed or painted… look at them…..and we still have 2 days to go!
And now, almost all the units have colour!
Compare those units with the neighbouring shanty’s located next door……what a drastic difference

Basketball is the biggest and most popular sport in the Philippines.  Near the build site there is a court where an adult league (18 and over) play.  We are happy that the nets we purchased will allow younger kids to also enjoy playing the game.

This is a picture of the adult court during a league game. There are tons of people that watch every game along the sidelines
Today we are excited to formally give the 2 basketball nets and 4 basketballs to the community which we will be setting up and assembling after lunch
Grace before meals
Teams that eat together, stay together!

After lunch, we were broken up into TWO teams, one for each net.  Here was the challenge:

1. Take the boxed basketball net to the designated location
2. Unpack the box and assemble
3. Find any tools necessary by asking the villagers for assistance
4. The first team to give Mike a hi-five after full assembly WINS!







Team 1 rushes to find Mike to give him a high five after completely assembling their basketball net
Winning team poses for a shot……..tonight they get Halo Halo!

Eventually both teams finish assembling their basketball nets……..let the games begin!!!



Mike playing b-ball in steel toe shoes while his opponents are barefooted
Mike showing the b-ball skills he learned from going to Blessed Mother Teresa C.S.S.

Before departing for the day, we made time to play with the kids.

No matter how many times we play Duck Duck Goose, the kids still love it
Who wants to be it?
Pass the squeeze is another favourite game even though we still don’t know how to say “squeeze” in Tagalog
What time is it Mr. Wolf?………10 O’clock
Kids running away after Mr. Wolf (Adrian) yells “Lunch Time”
Kevin, the only boy on the trip had a lot of fans
Hilary “The Rabbit” being chased by the “The Fox”
This shot shows you how many kids we played with everyday

After leaving the build site, we had time to freshen up at the hotel before going to a Filipino buffet dinner……yummy!

Leaders that pray together, stay together
On the way back from dinner, we were able to take a Jeepney – one of the Philippines’ modes of public transit
Back at the hotel, we had to organize 300 gifts for all the kids for the next day (our final day at the build site).
With each of the 300 gifts, we wrote a gift card with the words, “To my new best friend.”

We also bought gifts for the village to share………tools!

  • 2 hammers
  • 2 tape measures
  • 2 adjustable wrenches
  • 2 pliers
  • 10 sheets of sandpaper
  • 7 paint brushes
  • 5 paint rollers
  • 2 screw drivers sets
  • 5 different types of saws (not shown in picture)
  • 2 wheel barrels (not shown in picture)
After assembling those 2 basketball nets today, we realized that village really lacked many basic tools.

Big day tomorrow.  We can’t believe we only have one day left!

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  1. Thanks for continuing to share, I hope you home safe and sound.


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