Philippines Photo Hunt

On Jan. 5th, we went to SM mall to have a photo hunt.  There were 3 teams and 10 photo challenges.  Here were the 10 challenges:

1. Take a picture shaking hands with a security guard
2. Take a picture with the Jollibee Bee
3. Take a picture on a children’s ride
4. Take a picture of rice
5. Take a picture with a group of 5 or more people
6. Take a picture of someone with a rat tail other than Michael Consul
7. Take a picture of a Filipino “sun” as seen on the national flag
8. Find the word “Leader” in a Tagolog-English dictionary and take a picture
9. Take a picture of the 3 people crammed into one washroom stall
10. Perform and video tape the chorus of the “Fireworks” dance by Katy Perry in a public place where other people can watch and wonder what you’re doing 🙂

Here are the results:

Challenge 1: Shake hands with a security guard

Team 1
Team 2
photo 1
Team 3

Challenge 2: Jollibee Bee

Team 1
Team 2
photo 2
Team 3

Challenge #3: Children’s Ride

Team 1
Team 2

Team 3 had no entry 😦

Challenge #4: RICE!

Team 1 (creative)
Team 2 – who’s rice was that?

Team 3 no entry 😦

Challenge #5 – Take a picture with 5 or more people

Team 1 – I wonder what these people are thinking in their heads
Team 2 – They probably thinking, “These crazy Canadians”
photo 3
Team 3 (I guess this counts ……nice natural pose Angelie) 🙂

Challenge 6: Another Rat Tail

Team 1 – Mearah, does he know you’re taking this picture or did you sneak up behind him?
Team 2 – Wow, a curly tail
photo 4
Team 3 – In the change room……impressive Kevin

Challenge #7 – Filipino Sun

Team 1 – one of 4 entries by Team 1 actually (but in this one Hilary’s face was the funniest!)
Team 2 – Very Nice
photo 5
Team 3 – I want that hat

Challenge #8 –  Leader in Tagalog

Team 1
Team 2

Team 3 – no entry 😦

Challenge #9 – 3 people crammed in one washroom stall

Team 1 – Who did you get to take that picture?
Team 2 – I wonder what the person was thinking when you asked for him/her to take this shot…….I hope their hands were clean!

Team 3 – no entry 😦

Challenge #10 – Video tape Fireworks Dance

No entry (again) from team 3……..but we have an attempt at a flash mob…… below.

Fun times……..memories that will last a lifetime (if they’ll let us back into the country!) 🙂

3 thoughts on “Philippines Photo Hunt

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  1. Too bad I left early that day. IF I DIDN’T, TEAM 3 WOULDN’T BE MISSING SO MANY ENTRIES.
    I DID dance Fireworks in the mall though. You don’t have the video clip? 😦

    Oh well, this was fun anyway!

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