St. Barbara’s We Create Change Campaign

We cannot live without water, which is why we have such easy access to it. Yet many people, many children do not have this privilege. Thousands die each day from this issue. So Free The Children came up with a goal. The goal was to provide 100,000 people with clean water for life. To do this, they challenged leaders all over the world to run a penny drive, not only for change, but to send the Candian penny out with a bang! Leaders were to fill bags with $25 worth of pennies, each bag giving one person clean water for not one year, not two years, but for life! No challenge is too big or too small for the leaders of St. Barbara!

We scrounged every last penny from our pockets, underneath the couch, between the car seats, and under cats, which, of course, is where the most pennies were found.

We filled this huge jar up to the very tippity top with pennies.


Let’s take a closer look at this jar, shall we? Each drop on the jar has a water stat.


443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related illness.


In just one day, it is estimated that more than 152 million hours of women and girls time is consumed for the most basic of human needs- collection water for domestic use.


Of the 60 million people added to the worlds’ towns and cities every year, most move to unformal settlements (i.e. slums) with no sanitation facilities.


On average, every US dollar invested in water and sanitations provides economic return of eight US dollars.


Every 21 seconds, a child dies from diarrhea.


Filling up our bags…how much did the St. Barbara leaders raise?!


The team managed to fill a grand total of 6 bags! That’s $150 to save the lives of six people! Way to go, St. Barbara, what what!


Ahh, isn’t synergy great? Look at all of these bags we all filled together! Catholic student leaders, be proud. You really did create change.

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