Day 8 – Build Day #2

It’s January 03, 2014 and we’re ready to put our muscle and determination into a full day of building today.

With our hard hats, steel toes, a gloves on we’re ready to go!
We were given similar jobs yesterday, but this time we needed the stamina to do it all day
Wow Jeff, Chinese people are so much taller than Filipino people
Filling in hollow blocks with concrete is Erica’s favourite job.
We’re getting really fast and efficient moving buckets of mixed concrete from one location to another
The same goes for hollow blocks
So good, Bernie even has time to simultaneous pose for the camera without losing production efficiency
You actually have to be pretty delicate when placing these blocks on top of each other because it doesn’t take much for them to chip or crack
When moving the blocks from point A to B is too far for a human train, we need to do it by old fashion walking
Or you can be smart like Lindsay and find a dolly
Melissa: “I got to make sure I save some energy to muscle my opponent inside on the basketball court this afternoon.”
It was great to see the kids break out and start their own game of Stella Ella Ola. They even knew all the words.
Water break!
“This reminds me of when I was a little boy back in the Philippines”
Alyssa – “Me too, catch me if you can. Jairuz!”  “Hey, give me back my bike!”
As we empty the sand bags at the top of the hill (used to make concrete mix), we need to fill them back up at the bottom of the hill so that they are ready when needed
Shaelyn gives the kids a ride up the hill despite making it harder for her to push
Every time a new layer of hollow blocks is set, we need to fill them up with concrete
We use wire to fasten rebar together. It’s surprising how hard it is to cut this wire, especially with one hand.
We try to rotate jobs so that we all get to experience a different element of the build
Whatever tasks we are given, the key is teamwork!
Sometimes, we need half blocks instead of full ones. We break them by using a hammer
2 more rows and the wall will be taller than Katrina.
Break time means picture time
The Barangay Captain comes to the site to pay a visit
A Barangay Captain is similar to a City Councillor in Toronto
With all the lifting and shoveling, we treat ourselves to a massage
Throughout the day we were being interviewed for an ANCOP video and newsletter
In this group shot look at Alyssa. I wonder what’s so funny?
Time for lunch! They really treat us like royals here at the build site
Those of us in the group that are non-Filipinos commented that Filipinos eat every meal with a spoon and fork rather than a knife
Time to get back to work. Lindsay has her fans wherever she goes
Danielle is one of the tallest in our group so this is a perfect job for her
The first day it took 5 people to fill a bucket, now it only takes one 🙂
Britishawna make’s sure that no materials are put to waste
We noticed this boy playing a game with his tsinelas (slippers)
We all want to try now
It’s not as easy as it looks
Canada represent!
After taking a break to eat Miryenda, we get to play with the kids again
Instead of Stella ella ola, we play a similar game called my favourite fruit which the kids at the orphanage taught us.
Today we play new games with the kids to keep things fresh and fun
Alyssa trust that everyone will raise their arms in time as she runs through
We teach them how to play snakes and ladders
Even though a majority of the kids can’t speak English, they are pretty good at understanding what we try to explain
As we play, the older kids look on and are always willing to pose for a shot
We teach them how to play, “What time is it Mr. Wolf”
3 O’clock
Lunch time!
All day the kids have been asking us to play basketball
Kyla-anne with the shot
Erica with the drive in the lane
Look at all the spectators
Britishawna is unstoppable
Who’s man is that?
Shaelyn blows pass her man
Alyssa shoots
Point guard extraordinaire
Jairuz Jordan!
The fans cheer on their favourite team
Fierce opponents on the court. Best friends off the court.
Nicole has many fans 🙂
You can even buy fish balls on the sidelines
One of five thousand selfies Britishawna has taken
Make that five thousand and one
As we board our “tour bus” we get high fives
We truly feel like celebrities bring our “show” on the road from one community to another
 As the bus pulls out, the kids continue to wave goodbye
We go to a Filipino buffet for dinner
The variety was amazing
British and Jairuz have some quality time before the others arrive 🙂
We give thanks to the Lord for a fabulous day and for the food we are about to eat
The teachers high five the student leaders as they get off the bus for a job well done
We are so proud of these fine young leaders
Melissa, you always make me laugh

Tomorrow we are going to the rural city of San Mateo to do some tree planting.

Thanks for following our travels.  Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. As a parent of one of these student leaders, i am so proud of them. At a very young age, they are already exposed to these kind of activity. This is an extra ordinary experience that even as they grow old, they will always remember that these people were part of their journey. Thank you to Michael and to the team. God bless you all. Keep safe.

  2. The sun was beating down on us today and those annoying flies kept nibbling on my legs. But from these things I learned about perseverance. I had to push myself mentally first then physically…if you command your body to do something it will! It was a constant battle in my mind but at the end of our work period I was happy that i did not give up. I had alot of fun playing new team games with the kids as well. Today was great!

  3. so i think i should be seeing some pictures of mike working… i should see some pictures of mike doing the ‘helicopter jump shot’ eh mike one more time 😀

  4. Day 2 of building was one of the most tiring days. It was packed with working hard at the build site, playing with the children during breaks and in between building tasks, and running rounds of basketball under the blazing sun. Work hard, play hard. The team continues to show great work ethic and teamwork.

  5. Working under the hot Philippine sun is definitely not a piece of cake but having the welcoming people of the community around us to keep us company and make us laugh makes it more fun and takes our mind off the work.

    It was tiring but I’m proud that we all stuck through with the work and kept going!

  6. Day 2 of building was much more tiring than day 1! The heat was killer but seeing everyone in the community band together and really push through distracted me from the tiredness. I feel like the community is opening up to us more and we are building more and more relationships each time we go there.

  7. Today was extremely tiring! The sun was blazing hot and there was plenty of work to be done. Even though we could not control the weather, what we could control was how we react to it. I think that everyone reacted well. Our team building tasks such as passing the blocks or passing the cement really payed off.

    After everyday we would play basketball and this day was no different! The kids are so good at playing basketball that team Canada probably has a losing streak. Its fun getting to see them use their skills in the court.

  8. Build day #2 was hectic! It has been a productive day. Lots of work was done, and we still found time to play with the kids. My favourite job to do would probably be filling in the hollow blocks because it’s easy to do and it doesn’t require moving around a lot. It was extremely hot too, with sweat dripping down our foreheads and towels soaking with sweat. No matter how hard the workload was, it all paid off because all these efforts put a smile on the citizens’ faces. Playing with the children definitely removes all the stress because we all make each other happy.

  9. Build day 2 was the most tiring of all the build day. I got a lot more shoveling time and that was tiring, but very productive. The sun burning that day and wearing the brown shirt didn’t really help. Needless to say, I was sweating buckets. But it was worth it. This day really made me understand that life’s hard work laced with little rewards. And we have to put effort and work into it to get those little rewards.

  10. Day 2 of building!!!!!!!! Day 1 was sooo fun yet soo tiring, I couldn’t wait for a full day of work. It was intense!! I was literally battling with myself because my body wanted to give up due to the heat but somehow, I managed. I think it was because of the AMAZING food they made for us for lunch and for our merienda! The pandesal was the bomb!! especially with tuna!! Oh man! Thank you Titas!! It was amazing!! I also met my best best friend, colette! She is 1 but she is soo cute, if you say hi to her, she moves from her finger tips to her elbow up and down. Everyone at the build site are super funny! I broke a hollow block but they were just like, be careful!! I thought they were going to get mad at me. But they didn’t! They are so kind!

  11. The sun was a scorcher today. Our towels really came in handy while building. Although it was a tiring day, we all fed off each others energy so we could complete our work. I knew we were only there for a short time so we had to push ourselves. The massage train may have also helped out a bit! The kids taught us a new game today with the empty bottles and it amazed me that they didn’t need fancy toys to have fun. Our relationship with the kids gets stronger everyday!

  12. Day 2 of our project and I feel like the sun here is different then from the sun we get in toronto because it was just so H-O-T! The heat was just draining me but seeing the workers strive through and the smiles from the kids helped me pull myself together and give the build my all. One word that describes today’s build: progress.

  13. Build day 2 felt like the hottest! Whoever invented towels needs all the awards! I felt so honored when the Barangay Captain came to visit us. I thought, “Is the work we’re doing right now really that important?” and then I looked over to all the kids laughing and playing with us and realized, of course it is. We’re working for them, the children who gave us so much every day despite the fact that we came there to give to them. I always look forward to playing basketball with them every day. Even though I don’t really have a talent for it, playing with people I love and care about makes everything so much fun!

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