Day #10 – Build Day 3

It’s Sunday,  January 5th and we go back to the build site today, but because today is Sunday, we make time to attend mass right after breakfast before we head to AKC (ANCOP Kapatid Community).

We celebrate mass at Our Lady of Annunciation Parish
Student leaders wearing their Sunday best
We arrive early so we can all sit down
We wonder if the mass is in English or Tagalog
The mass is in English. There’s mass every hour from 8am to 10pm.
Enjoying treats and flavours we don’t get in Toronto (eg. Spicy Cheetos)
As we pull up to the build site we are greeted with warm waves
The kids start running after the bus
We wonder how long the kids have been waiting there for us
Hi fives as we get off the bus
We usually arrive in our build clothes
So they are pretty impressed seeing us dressed up so much
We’re asked to take pictures as we walk to the house where we store all of our stuff
It’s usually a 2 min walk from the bus to the house
Today because of all the pictures, it takes much much longer
Joseph photo bomb
Group shot (normal)
Group shot (wacky)
Group shot (look up)
Helmets and steel toes on, we’re ready to build
Every where we go we have a child escort
We walk off into the sunrise
Let the mixing begin
It’s unbelievable how heavy a half bag of sand weighs
Slowly and surely, the walls get higher and higher
The say we have to “let it cook” before mixing so Jairuz tastes if it’s ready
Lindsay is invited to do some tall work
Ummm…..this is how high I can go, let me down please 🙂
We’re becoming experts in bucket transporting heavy objects
Whether it’s buckets or hollow blocks, we got it down pat now
This sand pile is almost completely finished
Jeff’s favourite job – pushing cart up the hill
Before you leave Jeff, just one more bag
Easy, only 2 small kids and 7 bags of sand
Be careful not to scratch the car
I wonder what he is thinking?
Our youngest and cutest builder
Alanna wants to see the view from here
It needs a little more water, trust me
I think there’s too much water now British
Danielle get’s her hardest job to date
Chip the concrete so that the rubber water tubing can be embedded in the wall
Million dollar view from this window
Ok, enough of the posing, get to work
One by one, we can get it done
01 - Sweat 2
Proof of hard work
Grace before meals before lunch
They feed us so well at the site
We have 10 min after lunch so some of us take a nap
More tired builders
03 - sleeping
A sign we’ve been working very hard
Water prank time while Michae's sleeping
Water prank time while Michael’s napping – that’s one way to wake him up
Yummy and refreshing
Okay. Team is rested. Now back to work!
Clearing the area so we can make a chain – these sand bags get heavier every day
The path is now clear, let’s do this
One group fills the buckets
The other group sends the buckets into the house
This is the end of the bucket line
05 - Window
Lindsay: “I think if we put the buckets through the window it’ll be way faster!”
Which ever way, it needs to be passed the top to be poured to build a column.
05 - column
Behind the wooden mold there is a rebar structure to create support. When you remove the wooden mold after the poured concrete hardens you’re left with this sold column
British: I still think it needs more water
New tasks: carry these metal beams to be installed as roof rafters
The construction workers had totally no fear of heights and were totally comfortable without any sort of harness or safety equipment
07 - Kids
Everywhere we go there’s kids, even right at the build site itself.
Kids would never be allowed anywhere near a construction zone in Canada
Birds eye view of our bucket train
We pass poured concrete from outside the house, to inside the structure to be poured to make solid pieces reinforced by rebar
Like routine, after each build we gather all the kids to play some games which is our favourite part of the day
First, we have an “over” “under” race
08 - Over under
We used a plastic water bottle as the item to be moved along the whole line
09 - Buggies Up
Next game we play is Buggie’s Up
10 - Buggies Under
“Buggies Under”
11 - Jeff and Nicole
The next game we play is “Knights, Horses, and Cavaliers.” Jeff and Nicole show us what HORSES (left) and CAVALIERS (right)
12 - Knights
This is how you post when we yell KNIGHTS
13 - More Poses
Here’s some more cute poses
14 - Mike Zipper
Michael shows everyone how to do a zipper run
15 - More Zipper
The kids love it
16 - Snack
Time for our daily midday snack. Today in addition to pandasal (our favourite), we also have leche flan and ice cream!
After snack, the kids urge us to play some basketball. This is Joe on his way up to dunk the ball 🙂
Today we mixed up the teams rather then having CA vs. PH
The kids in PH had crazy handles (ball handling skills)
Look at that technically sound defensive stance with steel toe shoes
Today, Danielle was the leading scorer!
Every day tons of fans come out and watch us play
For the last game we play PH vs CA, and the winning team get RC Cola. With Katrina boxing out her man, we have the rebound totally covered
Melissa makes the jump shot but alas, we lost the game.  Mike pays up and buys the winners a bottle of RC Cola
After the game, we head back to change but along they way (like always), there’s tons of photo requests
They really make us feel special
We kinda know how celebrities feel now
So many shots are jaws start to hurt from smiling so much
Jeff finds a way to getaway from the paparazzi 🙂
As we make our way to the bus, the “fans” line the streets for one last goodbye
Hi fives as all the way to the bus
Unbelievable how much these kids love us
We make sure we show our love to them everyday in return
Even as our “tour” bus pulls away, the kids follow
This one kid finds a way to get one more high five!
Back at the hotel, Mike gets to see two of his cousins who drop by and say “Hi”. Marou on the left and Michael Consul Sales to the right.
We walk over to Trinoma mall for dinner
It’s beautiful here at night.
Every body looking “fierce” especially Lindsay 
“Lamesa” means “Table” in Tagalog
Giving thanks for an amazing day and the food we are about it eat
Britishawna’s favourite: CHICKEN (even though we have it almost every day, twice a day)
Danielle loves chicken too

We definitely eat well in the Philippines
Here are all the males on this trip looking dapper
ohh how “fierce”

Tomorrow we’re back at the ANCOP Kapatid Community.  Thanks for following our travels.

Please write your comments below and let us know your thoughts.

God bless!

13 thoughts on “Day #10 – Build Day 3

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  1. Living Life to the fullest right till the end of the trip, again and again, God Bless everyone on the trip!

    Peace and Hope, Steve De Quintal Teacher, Bishop Marrocco / Thomas Merton CSS, 1515 Bloor St. W. Toronto, Ontario M6P-1A3. 416-393-5545 ext. 84293 “To think, to pray and to serve.” “You should be real witnesses of a world doing and acting differently” Pope Francis ****You can always email but a call or a visit will get a quicker response***** ________________________________________

  2. It’s really starting to become a routine! There is no doubt that I feel like a celebrity! It amazes me how fast the kids learn the games and it shows how great of a team we are for explaining even with the language barrier. They learn so quickly and the pictures don’t even show half the fun that these kids have while playing. I thought I loved taking pics but these kids outdo me. FYI there was not too much water it was PERFECT and what can I say Chicken is my favorite food!

  3. I love how there was so much singing during the mass we attended this day! Even though it was hard to follow along because it was in a different language, the screens they had set up with the words made it so much easier.

    I agree with Britishawna’s comment about feeling like a celebrity!! All of us are now actor’s like Joe! The way the children greeted us while in our Sunday best was enough to make us feel loved!

  4. another amazing day in the build site with the kids! too bad we didn’t have more time to be with construction workers and build houses. I agree with britishawna on how fast the kids to learn new games, such as the knights and cavaliers, and buggies up and down.

  5. Another day’s work under the sun surely was difficult. However, the kids always brought up my spirit and helped me keep going. No matter what, each and every day the kids welcome us, play with us and say goodbye to us with the same level of energy. I questioned each build day where they are getting it from! It amazed me how hopeful and joyful they could all be. They lifted my spirits up, and could never fail to put a smile on my face.

  6. BUILD DAY 3!!! It was honestly one of the hardest days out of the whole experience for me. Meeting new kids everyday and playing with them was the best feeling ever, knowing that we were making a difference on the build site was another plus! But when you feel a sharp pain in your stomach the whole day, it’s hard to find the strength and the will to keep going. I was definitely in a war with myself. I struggled to stay with the group because I was constantly tired and I was in pain. But then I met the most amazing kid in the world. He didn’t understand anything I said because I could barely speak tagalog and he was only 2 yet he was able to say my name. He was a blessing from God. Although we were not able to completely understand each other, he was right beside me the whole time. He helped me keep my mind off the pain in my stomach. JEREMIAH is the cutest kid ever! He is a blessing from God! (he is on the right side of the picture which captions “Kids would never be allowed anywhere near a construction zone in Canada”)

  7. It was definitely a tiring day! Church was great as well! Like British said everything is becoming a routine- it feels like building houses is my career. It was extremely hot and my massive headache did not help at all. I was so tired but I knew i had to keep pushing myself! We played some new games with the kids and they loved it! They catch on so easily despite the language barrier- although it is fun learning new tagalog words and teaching them a few english words too. It was fun playing basketball once again with the boys despite the loss LOL its okay mike paid for our loss anyways aha. Dinner was great, some of us decided to dress up because we just felt like it! Overall an amazing day

  8. Day 3 was one of the more tiring days, but still very enjoyable. I felt like today, I did more work than any other day. The best part was playing with the kids. We played new games with them this time and they all loved it! After the games, I went to chill on some sewage pipe blocks that were laying near the basketball court. There were so many children and I bonded with a lot of them. It was really fun and even though it was hard to understand each other, we ended up having a great time. Couldn’t wait for day 4 😀

  9. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Build Day #3 was a rough day,almost everyone had stomach pains! I enjoyed church and smiled to myself as the screens with the songs during mass reminded me of karaoke. I cannot believe that we fell asleep so quickly after lunch! But of course after our group nap, we got back out there to work and then play with the kids! It is great to see the kids pick up on the games so easily, especially with there being a language barrier. Playing with them is always a highlight of a build day.

  10. Build Day #3 was a hard day because our stomachs were in so much pain and we could barely walk. I really enjoyed going to church because the feeling of community was evident and the singing was beautiful. I always looked forward to playing with the kids because their energy level kept us awake and not thinking about the pain. It was another hard working day but the naps in between really helped. It’s always nice to dress up with the team at the end of the day. Amazing day overall!

  11. Day 3 of our build and everything’s coming together. I don’t know if it was just me but my stomach was doing just fine. Church was great, first mass of the year with the PH fam. It was another hot one today but knowing that there were only a couple days left, I know i had to give it my all. Today was also the last day of christmas break for the kids so we wanted to make sure they had fun. We had new games in store for the kids. They really enjoyed “buggies up” and “knights, horses and cavaliers.” Knowing that they have school tomorrow, the kids enjoyed themselves as best as they can, whether it was playing basketball, badminton or even just chilling with one another and us. Another amazing day at AKC!

  12. Our 3rd build day seems to be much easier than the first 2. Starting the year off with a mass together with the team is comforting. This tells me that I’ll have great year ahead of me because these people are very special. As one of the people who had a stomach ache all night and throughout the day, I was able to go through the day with no major problems whatsoever. This was probably because we asked Jesus to bless our stomachs during church. It’s very nice to see the people of AKC starting to get comfortable with us. I love how the kids anticipate our arrival at their community everyday, greeting us with their warmest hugs hellos. Every time we work at the build site I feel like we do so much so fast, which is why we finish early and have more time to play with the kids. I like how we are able to work efficiently with no complaints about the weather, the hard work, etc. I always enjoy playing with the kids because everything seems to be so funny to them, and their laughs are just so contagious! They didn’t even seem upset about going back to school the next day.

  13. Ahhh, mass with my PH fam is the best way to attend mass! Those who pray together, stay together! I wish we could have brought the kids from AKC with us 🙂 I felt like a celebrity getting off the bus in my nice clothes and being greeted by the cutest “fans” that ever existed ❤ When I was told to go finish up my job that we started on day 1, I was shocked to see that the sand pile was almost completely gone! That's what I call work done well!

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