Excellence Through Equity (Central) – Student Responses

Excellence through Education Poster (2014)

On Friday, March 28, 2014 student leaders from across the TCDSB gathered at the Catholic Education Centre to discuss Excellence in Education through Equity.

Who Participated:
17     – Elementary Schools (see list)
277  – Grade 7 student leaders
32     – Elementary Teachers
14     – High schools  (see list)
34     – High school student leaders


Prior to the event students were asked to:

1. Using Padlet, provide your definition of equity.  See all student answers (some examples are below)
2. Answer five poll questions (results below)

Padlet - Pre

 Below are the PRE-event Poll Questions

Poll 1 Poll 2 Poll 3 Poll 4 Poll 5

During the event, student leaders were ask the following questions:

Definition changed
Below you can compare the students new understanding of “What is Equity?”
Make my school
As a follow up on this day, at our April 1st E-CSLIT meeting, schools were asked to create an Equity Action Plan
Experienced Equity
Some interesting results here
We also found these results intriguing

Students were also asked to give examples of inequities that exist in their school.  Below are some of their responses:

Collage - Examples

Using Padlet again, we asked students to redefine “What is equity?” but this time, withing their school groups.  See all of their answers and how they changed based upon the morning’s presentation (below are some examples).

Padlet - Post

In the afternoon, we broke up into 30 different groups.

PicMonkey Collage

In these groups, student discussed, what does equity….
-LOOK like
-SOUND like
-FEEL like

**We will be posting the students’ answers and creations (text, videos, PA announcements, posters, etc) on a separate blog post.  Below is one example:

Equity Poster

In addition, we will be posting pictures of the event shortly.

Feel free to post a comment below.  Thanks for being part of the discussion.


2 thoughts on “Excellence Through Equity (Central) – Student Responses

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  1. This was a great opportunity for students from different schools to interact and work together to understand equity in its true meaning. It was an excellent learning experience for all of us there to realise and enact how equity starts with us and what we can do to create an equitable world.

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