Angels of Hope 2014 – Bishop Marrocco Thomas Merton

On Thursday, February 27, 362 Catholic Student Leaders from neighboring schools around Bishop Marrocco Thomas Merton learned about the 7 Catholic Graduate Expectations and various leadership skills.

Through this day students learned how to put their faith in action by supporting three charities;

Meagan’s Walk

Angel Foundation


This event gave students the chance to experience and meet other like-minded students.

 Under the guidance of Michael Consul and Justin Bacchus students learned how to be effective leaders.

Thank you teachers, staff and volunteers that helped make this event possible!

Thank you to the schools that participated:

Sacred Heart

St. Ambrose

St. Pius

Our Lady of Peace

St. Raphael

St. Cecilia

St. Leo

Senhor Santo Cristo

The event was AWESOME!

Continue getting involved in Student Leadership by:

Following @MikeCLeadership on  Twitter



Student Leadership, get involved!!

St. Sebastian

Santa Maria

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