Philippines Update

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give all parents, friends, supporters, and followers of this blog and update with regards to our Philippines service trip.

The wifi has been spotty not allowing us to post our daily updates.

Today will be our last day on the build site which will conclude with a celebration in the village.

Although many of us are a little sick, everyone is safe and sound.

Here’s some pictures below that will be re-posted when we are able to fully upload our daily updates.

Tomorrow morning at 7:45 am we will be leaving for the airport.

Expected arrival in Toronto is 8:15 pm. Please arrange to pick up your child at terminal 3 at 8:30 at night on Jan. 7th, 2015.

Thanks for your support.

Feel free to comment below.


DSC05044 DSC05042 DSC04974 DSC04980 - Collage DSC04996 - Collage DSC04926 DSC05033 -C6 - Collage DSC04854-Collage DSC04858-Collage DSC04906

3 thoughts on “Philippines Update

  1. JOB WELL DONE! We are all very proud of you guys! To those coming home on the 7th have a nice enjoyable and safe trip. By Thursday, hopefully the weather will not be like what we are to have by Wednesday. Today it is cold but not so bad like Monday. God Bless you all and Congratulation!

  2. Overall, I just want to thank Julie, Tito Bernie, Marc & Mike! We all had such a life changing experience! We were able to go to multiple orphanages, help paint, play with lots of children, go ice skating in MOA, learn how to use a pickaxe, and so on. We are so grateful & will always remember and take on what we’ve learned as leaders and and as servers in the Philippines! Thank you so so much! 🙂 🙂

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