E-CSLIT ONLINE WEBINAR (Thurs. Oct. 22/15)

LOG ON HERE to join our E-CSLIT webinar

E-CSLIT Online Logo

LOG ON HERE to join our E-CSLIT webinar

1. Select GUESTS
2. Type in your first name, first initial and name of school (eg. Michael C. – St. Ursula)

**Alternatively you can download “Adobe Connect” from the app-store and connect using your phone or ipad

3:30 – Pre-show – Come laugh with us

3:45 – Start Time – Welcome / Opening prayer

3:50 – Online Trivia – Win a pizza lunch for your team

4:00 – Guest Speaker – Keith Diaz (www.goldenspeakersclub.com)

Circle Crop


4:20 – Online Challenge – Win Tickets to Angel Foundation Gala

4:30 – Video Discussion

4:45 – Closing Remarks / Upcoming Dates

LOG ON HERE to join our E-CSLIT webinar

Cut and paste this URL if the links above do not work:

AFL Gala

One thought on “E-CSLIT ONLINE WEBINAR (Thurs. Oct. 22/15)

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  1. I think the Ball Pit video was like the cutest things and its such a nice way to make friends and you can find out that you have more in common with basically strangers than you think and more places should have these “Take a Seat, Make a Friend” pit.

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