iLITE – Schools Registered (as of Jan. 8)


The following schools have requested seats at this year’s iLITE conference (as of Jan. 8, 2016).

Seat confirmation will be emailed on Friday, January 15th.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, January 12, 9:00pm.

Not signed up yet? REGISTER HERE

TUESDAY, JANUARY 26 # of Seats
Christ the King TBD
Holy Angels TBD
James Culnan TBD
Nativity of Our Lord TBD
Our Lady of Peace TBD
St. Ambrose TBD
St. Cecilia TBD
St. Eugene TBD
St. Gregory TBD
St. Leo Catholic School TBD
St. Pius X TBD
St. Sebastian TBD
St. Teresa TBD
Transfiguration of Our Lord TBD


Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati TBD
Blessed Trinity TBD
Epiphany of Our Lord TBD
Holy Spirit TBD
Our Lady of Guadalupe TBD
Our Lady of Wisdom TBD
Regina Mundi TBD
Sacred Heart TBD
St. Agatha TBD
St. Aidan TBD
St. Barbara TBD
St. Barnabas TBD
St. Boniface TBD
St. Brendan TBD
St. Catherine TBD
St. Columba TBD
St. Edward TBD
St. Florence TBD
St. Gabriel Lalemant TBD
St. Jean de Brebeuf TBD
St. Kevin TBD
St. Malachy TBD
St. Maria Goretti TBD
St. Martin de Porres TBD
St. Richard TBD
St. Rose of Lima TBD
St. Sylvester TBD
St. Thomas More TBD
St. Timothy TBD
St. Ursula TBD
St. Victor  TBD
Holy Child TBD
Immaculate Conception TBD
St Conrad TBD
St. Andrew TBD
St. Angela TBD
St. Benedict TBD
St. Charles TBD
St. Eugene TBD
St. Francis Xavier TBD
St. John the Evangelist TBD
St. Jude TBD
St. Martha TBD
St. Maurice TBD
St. Nicholas of Bari TBD
St. Stephen TBD


FRIDAY, JANUARY 29 Seats Granted
Blessed Sacrament TBD
Holy Name TBD
Precious Blood TBD
St. Albert TBD
St. Alphonsus TBD
St. Anthony TBD
St. Bruno TBD
St. Francis of Assisi TBD
St. Isaac Jogues TBD
St. John TBD
St. Kateri TBD
St. Lawrence TBD
St. Mary of the Angels TBD
St. Michael’s Choir TBD
St. Raymond TBD
St. Robert TBD
St. Theresa Shrine TBD
St. Thomas Aquinas TBD
St. Timothy TBD
St. Victor TBD

Seat confirmation will be emailed on Friday, January 15th.Not signed up yet? REGISTER HERE

Thanks for registering.


One thought on “iLITE – Schools Registered (as of Jan. 8)

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  1. Okay, now I’m really starting to believe there are two of you!

    How you manage to pull this together, while teaching and just coming back from the Philippines, leave me in awe.

    Your special ministry continues to leave me in awe.

    God Bless all that you do!


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