Day 11 – Tarlac (Build Day 3)

January 7, 2017

It is our 3rd day at our Paniqui, Tarlac build site.

The mound of sand in the background is what we need to finish. It’s now day 3 and it still looks huge.
Now that we’ve dug out trenches for each unit, we’re ready to add support beams made out of rebar.
We’re also pouring concrete today into the trenches.
We need to fetch water for the concrete mix.
Concrete is mixed with water, sand, and rocks.
We perform the traditional halo-halo dance while waiting for the concrete to be ready to be mixed.
No idea what job these students are doing.
For break time we have ice cream.
Only 5 pesos! That’s 15 cents!
Break time also means nap time for Lolo Al.
Lolo Bernie also needs a nap.
We finish the day playing with the kids.
It’s so nice to be able to say, “See you tomorrow.”

Watch our video below:


For dinner tonight we are going to a restaurant called Isdaan.

Thanks for following our travels. Tomorrow we’ll be back for day 4 of building.

Please write us a comment below.

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15 thoughts on “Day 11 – Tarlac (Build Day 3)

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  1. A couple of the kids tried helping me with my Tagalog near the end of the day. I would say something in English and they’d translate it. Then, I would try to say the sentence back to them. I’m not very good at auditory learning, so a lot of their efforts were in vain, but I definitely appreciate the effort!

  2. I was able to experience all the different stations when it came to building the foundation for these homes. Being able to help this community while playing with the children was amazing. There is not a day that goes by in which I do not think about those kids.

  3. Unlike the other communities we have visited in Manila the week before, we were able to leave the build site happy, knowing that we would still have a couple of days left with them before the hardest goodbye. It was nice saying “See you tomorrow!” for a change.

  4. This was the third consecutive day where Mark, Tyler, Kim, Karen, Jermin, Milcah and I some how ended up on the sandbags lol. Transporting bags of sand in what felt like 30+ degrees was so difficult, we had to take so many water breaks lol.

  5. I remember this day vividly! It was soo hot this day I honestly felt like I was going to melt. There was ice cream but I didn’t eat it because I am lactose intolerant but then I figure out there were peanuts in them! I was so sad because it was hot and I wanted ice cream but I couldn’t have it. But that was okay because Jeffry was with me!

  6. It was a really hot day but mixing concrete with rocks, sands, and water was probably my favorite task to do. I was under the sun for the most time but it was really fun to do the Halo-Halo dance with Team 2! 😀

  7. Working on the wires had to be my favorite job on the build site as you would be sitting down in the shade. Being able to work with everyone while doing the sand bags brought us so much closer as a team. Our dinner at Isdaan was definitely one that I would not forget – especially watching others challenge carrying a kilo of fish over a bridge and expressing their anger by throwing cups and plates at a wall!

  8. Today I spent a lot of time making and mixing the cement, but somehow ended up back at the sandbags LOL. The ice cream was a good treat and I was glad to see that the kids enjoyed the ice cream very much as well.

  9. The ice cream was so refreshing as this was probably the hottest building day!! The sand bags were still a lot of work, but we were really determined to get through it!! Perseverance and persistence are key!!

  10. This day was so fun! I had fun collecting water and building wires. It’s crazy how good and cheap the ice cream was. It was a good change and it was well needed! I remember feeling really happy because I would get to see the same kids everyday and wouldn’t have to say full out goodbyes. This video makes me laugh because of special dance they did!

  11. I remember today was a lot of hard work but it also was getting easier! Eating Halo Halo after such a long day felt amazing though!

  12. Playing volleyball was one of the highlights of the day!! All kids were so good! It was also amazing to see how willing all the kids were to help us and how hardworking they all are. This really motivated us keep working harder. I also remember getting to know Kuya Julius and him telling me about his call to ANCOP. It was really inspiring to me and made me look up to him.

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