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Who we are?

Our Poles Our Planet is a youth environmental conference focusing on the world’s polar regions, the Arctic and Antarctic. The event aims to promote the uniqueness of these areas, especially in terms of their ecological importance, scientific prominence and utter natural beauty. The conference is especially tailored to young adventurers, as it highlights the complex and beautiful nature of these regions as a “final frontier” of wilderness that needs to be explored. The event will also focus on current threats to the polar regions, and promote a culture of environmental sustainability that preserves our planet and it’s fascinating regions for future generations.



The conference will feature a set of guest speakers who have done varied types of work in the world’s polar regions. These include a Nobel Prize laureate, expedition leaders/adventurers, climate scientists, polar historians, Inuit leaders, and more. These will be complemented with a variety of interactive seminars where students are able to engage and collaborate with other youth who are currently doing amazing things related to the exploration and preservation of the polar regions and our planet. There will be an opportunity to network with fellow delegates and share our passion for the polar regions.


  • Brad Bass: PhD, Nobel Prize Winner
  • Breanna Owen: Youth Arctic Coalition Founder
  • Andrew Wong: Arctic explorer with close ties to indigenous affairs
  • Paul Sokoloff: Botanist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Explorer
  • Gabi Foss: North in Focus Founder, Student
  • Maya Burhanpurkar: Entrepreneur, scientist, multiple award winner for sustainable research





Saturday, March 4th, 2017

University of Toronto – Earth Science Building

33 Willcocks Street Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 3B3


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