Day 2 – Visiting Masagana

We have finally arrived in the Philippines despite a 3 hour delay in Toronto and a 16.5 flight across the ocean.



After checking into the hotel we hopped on the bus to travel to the 2015-16 ANCOP village Masagana.

Once we got there we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a Philippines vs Canada basketball game.


After playing basketball, we got to know the younger kids, showed them our dance, played some games, and gave them all gifts that we brought from Toronto.

After playing with the kids, we broke out into a dance party! Before leaving we had dinner prepared by the community before boarding the bus to go back to the hotel.

It was definitely a memorable first day in the Philippines!


Tomorrow we are going to two villages, the ANCOP OLB community in San Mateo and the 2012 build site AVANAI.

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