CSLIT-January General Assembly


It’s our first CSLIT general assembly meeting of the year. And as per tradition, we dance the “Waving Flag.”



Faith Ambassador, Chloe Paganiban from Blessed Cardinal Newman leads us in prayer and addresses the virtue of the month, love.


Student leaders from each school perform their cheers to show their presence.



Safe Schools

Representatives from Safe Schools & Research department inform students about safety in schools and ask us to completed surveys to capture our student voice around the topic.



Student Trustee

Student Trustees’ Rhea Carlisle (Nortre Dame, 12) and Joel Ndongmi (Brebeuf, 11) do a presentation on Black History month.IMG_8477.JPG

Virtue of the Month SpeechIMG_8480.JPG

Michael Consul takes about the 5 love languages

Paper Plane Challenge

Student leaders took part in competing in the paper plane challenge. Plane that flies the farthest wins!


Winner School: Chaminade College School

Next General Assembly: February 27th






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