December ECSLIT Meeting Summary


On Dec. 6, 2018, we had our 3rd ECSLIT meeting of the year and it was packed!!

This is our last ECSLIT meeting of 2018. 

Check out this quick summary video of our meeting.


After CSLIT’s Faith Ambassador Gabriella Davies (Loretto Abbey, 11), led the meeting in prayer, focusing on charity, December’s virtue of the month, Michael Caccamo (Superintendent of Area 3, Nurturing our Catholic Community, and Catholic Student Leader) welcomed all the schools and thanked the teachers for supporting their student’s leadership development. 

Michael Consul leads an icebreaker focusing on the importance of communication and listening

Our guest speaker this month was Luke Stocking from Development and Peace. We learned about the refugee crisis around the world and how we can help displaced peoples who are in need of a home and assistance.

D&P is challenging us as student leaders and Catholics to help and get involved in 2 ways:

  1. Get as many Share the Journey postcards (students, teachers, parents). Additional postcards will be sent to your school. 
  2. Join D&P supporters around the world and walk for refugees, hence the campaign name “Share the Journey.”
    **Luke Stocking will send a follow up email how to get involved

Let our December Challenge begin! This month, we asked students to create a structure to protect an egg when dropped from the 3rd floor. The only materials that can be used are bristol board and masking tape.

And the winner of the egg drop challenge is………….. Holy Spirit!

Students’ problem-solving skills are put to the test with this month’s Teacher Feature! Mr. Choe from St. Victor presented this month’s teacher’s best practice by creating an ‘escape room’ in the atrium of the CEC. Students had work together within their schools with the clues that they were given to find words that would solve the final quote.

To end off our meeting, we had a little challenge! West Teachers vs. East Teachers vs Students! The game is called “Separation Anxiety”! Goal: sort out 2 boxes of Smarties with only one hand into individual colours. Congratulations to the West Teachers Team for winning!

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who donated candies for children in the Philippines! Michael Consul, 22 high school students, and 3 teachers will be bringing distributing them to 6 different villages including an orphanage over the Christmas break. 


1. Support D&P’s Share the Journey campaign and get as many postcards signed as possible

2. Support Aangen’s ‘Families in Need Program’ by bringing in at least one donation for needy families in our city. 

3. Create a short “Catholic Student Leadership – GET INVOLVED!” Video.
Here are the requirements:

Please upload all your videos in to google drive folder by Feb. 1, 2019. 

Here are some examples

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are excited to see you in 2019!

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  1. Good day and hope to see you again this Christmas season.  Tito MorieAvanai Philippines.  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. I continue to be in awe, God Bless one all for being involved in such wonderful work!

    Peace, Joy, Hope, Charity, Appreciation and Humility, Steve De Quintal Teacher, St. Mary Catholic Academy, 66 Dufferin Park Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6H-1J6. 416-393-5528 ext. 84293 “that they may have life and have it to the full.” ***You can always email but a call or a visit will get a quicker response*** ________________________________

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