April ECSLIT Meeting

April 4th, 2019 – ECSLIT meets at the CEC for the last time this school year!

Our first speaker of the afternoon was Shazia Vlahos, the Chief of Communications for the TCDSB . Shazia stopped by to welcome the students, and share a little bit about what she does in her role. If your school is planning an event or initiative, don’t hesitate to reach out to her for TCDSB media coverage!

Our keynote speaker of the afternoon was David Marello, who spoke to student leaders about financial literacy. He taught the students about important life skills such as investing, saving, and budgeting, as well as going over financial needs and priorities. Thank you David for sharing your knowledge!

Leaders from St. Bonaventure came up this month to educate their peers on the harmful effects of plastic on our environment, and what we can do to help combat this issue. You can find more info about the Plastic Free Future team on Instagram – @plasticfreefutureteam, or by emailing them at plasticfreefutureinc@gmail.com

Before heading to the atrium for pizza and our monthly challenge, TCDSB Student Trustee Taylor Dallin stopped by to inform student leaders about the budget cuts the Ontario government is instituting, and how it will affect them.

This month, student leaders were challenged to create a section of a Rube Goldberg machine.  Individual school Rube Goldberg machines were attached together to form one huge Rube Goldberg Machine! Congratulations to all leaders, your machines were very creative and the communication and problem solving skills you exhibited throughout the process was spectacular. 

We would like to thank all the student leaders and teachers for such an amazing year, it was the highlight of our month! April was our last face to face meeting until the fall, but we still have two more ECSLIT events!

ECSLIT will be having another online webinar on:

Thursday May 2nd, 2019!

ECSLIT will also have a fishing retreat! Student leaders and teachers are invited to participate in this all day fishing excursion on:

Thursday June 6th, 2019

Watch out for the details of the webinar and the retreat here at http://www.catholicstudentleadership.com and on our Instagram:

We’ll leave you with the quote of the month, until next time!

“No great leader has ever been considered a great leader by keeping things the same.”
-Greg Rogers

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