September CSLIT GA Meeting

On, Tues. Sept. 24th (4:30 – 6:30 pm) we had our first monthly CSLIT General Assembly meeting of the year.

    1.  Senator O’Connor College School (PIZZA LUNCH WINNER)
    2.  Madonna Catholic Secondary School
    3.  St. Oscar Romero / Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School
    4.  Blessed Cardinal Newman Catholic High School
    5.  St. Joseph’s College School / Neil McNeil High School

SHO_6842Senator O’Connor practicing their cheer.

The first CSLIT meeting of the 2019-2020 school year was a great success! Over 300 student leaders were in attendance filling both floors of the boardroom! It was the biggest CSLIT meeting in history!


Congratulations to Senator O’Connor for bringing the highest number of reps to our September GA. This is the link to the google photos album for the September GA traditionally start each meeting dancing to the song Waving Flag.

After our official welcome and prayer, we do attendance “CSLIT Style” with each school performing a cheer. 

SHO_6934SHO_6879St. Michael’s Choir (top) and Chaminade (bottom) cheering their attendance.

The Director of Education, Rory McGuckin, welcomed all the CSLIT leaders with an inspiring speech about being the “living examples of change.”

PIC02613Director of Education speaking to the CSLIT.

One of this month’s guest speaker was Toronto emcee Insight (aka Tanika Riley). She spoke upon spiritual guidance and the power of goal setting. Student leaders were encouraged to put their creativity towards service and to think of themselves as visionaries.

“I am a Leader” Insight

Insight was followed by another prominent Toronto emcee named Testament (aka Matthew Jones). He reminded the CSLIT “You are not only people of tomorrow, but also leaders of today.” Testament encouraged students to create change and to draw strength and guidance through their faith.

SHO_6997Testament rapping.

SHO_7030Testament & Insight kicking a freestyle with student volunteers.

Michael Consul, the head of Catholic Student Leadership then gave CSLIT his quote of the month. “Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and example.” Michael emphasized that you don’t need to be an elected member of CSLIT or student council to be a leader. Leadership comes from the willingness to look at the issues concerning the world and doing something about it. 

SHO_7042“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and example.”

Next, information was given about the Tanzania and Philippines service trip. For more information about them visit or

Here’s a recap video of last years Philippines Service Trip. 


At the annual Voices that Challenge conference, pillars of focus brainstormed and discussed. For the 2019-2020 school year or CSLIT pillars of focus will be:

The general assembly was asked to rank these pillars in order of importance. Next month we will publish the results.


To end off the meeting the CSLIT Executive Council was introduced. The executives this year are:

Taylor Dallin and Kathy Nguyen – Student Trustees
Chloe Panganiban – Director of Administrative Affairs
Christopher Di Matteo and Makeda Muluneh – Director of Elementary Affairs
Maria Camila Machuca Diaz – Director of Angel Foundation for Learning
Junette Tindan – Director of Faith
Bianca Morelli – Director of Social Affairs
Melanie Sanginesi – Director of Equity
Ann Nguyen – Director of Social Justice
Milyn Pham, Kyla Tan, and Harry Nguyen – Public Relations Coordinators

If you would like to be more involved in CSLIT consider joining their subcommittees. You can Instagram message @CSLIT_TCDSB to get their contact information.

Left to right: Kyla, Junette, Makeda, Ann, Bianca, Taylor, Mike, Kathy, Chloe, Harry, Milyn, Maria. Missing: Melanie, Christopher.

We look forward to our next monthly general assembly meeting on Tues. Oct. 29th (4:30 – 6:30pm).

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