RECAP: ECSLIT Online Meeting Thurs, Nov. 5, 2020

Our 3rd online meeting for this month happened on Thursday, November 5, 2020. Here’s a recap of meeting.
Our meeting was hosted by our CSLIT Directors of Elementary Affairs Junette Tindan (Senator O’Connor) and Elisa Acerbi (Madonna).
Kathy Nguyen our student trustee lead our opening prayer.
As part of ECSLIT’s Multicultural Action Plan, each month we will feature a cultural role model. This month we featured Chadwick Boseman.
Trustee Norm Di Pasquale provided the board welcome surprising the audience with his costume! Look at the shock on Junette’s face! Trustee Di Pasquale expressed the importance of student voice and encouraged elementary students to continue to be part of CSLIT when they enter high school.
It’s game time!! Three hints will be given one at a time. The goal is to be the first person to type in the correct answer in the chat box. The theme is superheros.
What superhero do you think they are talking about?
Answer revealed below!
Our guest speaker was Luke Stocking from the Catholic charity Development and Peace. Luke encouraged students to get involved and help those less fortunate especially during this time.
Luke is wearing a shirt designed by Development and Peace entitled, “Rethink the World.” Many see the shirt and comment that the world is upside down. However, in reality the world is a sphere and we only think it’s upside down because of what we’ve been taught through our North American lens. Schools can contact Luke to order these shirts or he can provide the graphic and school can print their own.
Last game. Leaders compete against each other as they battle in Pictionary. Students can participate by typing in their answer in the chat box. The first person to get the right answer gets a ballot for pizza draw.
Again it’s halloween related. What would your guess be for this drawing? Answer posted below.
Elisa and Junette recap the ECSLIT Pillars of Focus for the year based upon the survey elementary students completed.
The first pillar is Mental Health and Well being. Here are the 3 action plans under this pillar.
The next pillar is Multiculturalism and Diversity Advocacy. Here are the 3 action plans under this pillar.
The last pillar is Indigenous Education and Immersion. Here are the 3 action plans under this pillar.
Our leadership challenge winner for October were Massimo Alimonti and Magaret Dalangin. You guys did a wonderful job! You will receive a prize.
Remember to participate in our November challenge! Read the details above and make sure submit your awesome phots to Junette and Elisa for your chance to win a prize.
Here’s are 2 examples of the November challenge, this is what Elisa and Junette are looking for. Can’t wait to see what you create!
Superintendent Michael Caccamo joined us to say a few closing remarks as he applauded the student leaders for their action plans.
Before the end of the meeting, Student Trustee Keith Baybayon led us in a closing prayer.
Please join us on our next meeting on December 3, 2020. Hope to see you all there!!
Thank you all for joining with us. Spread the word! All are welcome.
**Answers to questions above:
1. Batman
2. Cauldron

One thought on “RECAP: ECSLIT Online Meeting Thurs, Nov. 5, 2020

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  1. Congratulations to one and all for such incredible work, please do keep it up!

    Peace, Joy, Hope, Charity, Gratitude, Patience, Gentleness, Respect and Humility,
    Steve De Quintal
    Teacher, St. Mary Catholic Academy, 66 Dufferin Park Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6H-1J6.
    416-393-5528 ext. 84293
    “that they may have life and have it to the full.”
    ***You can always email but a call or a visit will get a quicker response***


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