RECAP: CSLIT November Meeting

Our November CSLIT’s meeting happened on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 on YouTube LIVE. Missed it? We have collected screenshots so you can see what went on during this awesome virtual meeting. You can also watch the livestream recording here.

The meeting was hosted by our Student Trustees Kathy Nguyen from Madonna and Keith Baybayon from Marshall McLuhan.
Julia, the CSLIT Faith Rep, led the land acknowledgment for the Indigenous people of Canada, followed by an opening prayer that focused on November’s virtue PEACE.
Let’s see who’s in the house! It looks like Cardinal Carter once again has the most student leaders in attendance.
As we move into the Christmas season, TCDSB student leaders were asked what they wanted for Christmas. Take a quick look at the ones listed. What’s on your Christmas wish list?
We welcome Superintendent Michael Caccamo to say a few words of leadership and encouragement.
Superintendent Derek Chen also came to speak with us. He talked about the importance of student voice and how we can all make a difference. Mr. Chen really focused on how changes need to be made to make sure all groups are both heard and feel welcomed in our TCDSB family.
Our guest speaker for the month is Sam Demma, a youth motivational speaker. He talked about being a better person and the importance of taking small consistent actions. Watch Sam’s full speech on the recorded Livestream.

It’s game time!!! CSLIT Exec members Stephen Chiu and Junette Tindan tried to guess the titles of each Christmas movie based on the clues shown on the screen. Student participants who answered correctly in the chat box have a chance to win a box of pizza delivered to their doorstep. Can you guess what Christmas movie this is? (Answer revealed below).

Next: MIKETALK!!! Michael Consul discussed the how the biggest “ship” in “leadership” is RELATIONSHIP.

You can’t be a leader on a stranded island if you’re by yourself, because there’s no relationship. Leadership is about service and doing go for other people.

The key to positive relationships is getting to know each. Watch Michael’s full speech on the recorded live broadcast.

Let’s see who will win! The winner gets a pizza and 2 toppings delivered straight to their house!

Here’s some quick CLS Updates: Make sure to join our Faith Webinar on Dec. 16, 2020

Help TCDSB families affected by COVID-10 by purchasing a CSLIT cloth masks. This fundraiser is organized by CSLIT’s Social Justice Team. $1,000 has already been collected so far!! Thanks to all of those that have supported.

Those who are bilingual and speak French could join the Bilingual Youth Council. Details to come.

Our next Zen Doodle date will be on Dec. 4, 2020. Follow CSLIT_TCDSB on Instagram for details. A great way to destress and learn art at the same time.

Lastly, follow the Catholic Youth Alliance @ CY_BlackAlliance. A new student group that will focus on new initiatives for Black students.

AFL and Social Affairs will be working together to do the Christmas Social, so make sure to finish this puzzle to give you a hint of what the event will be. The first to email Audri and get the correct answer will win a $25 gift card.

Julia the CSLIT Faith Rep, led our closing prayer before we ended the meeting.

Here’s our upcoming CSLIT dates to mark on your calendars.

After each CSLIT meeting, students are welcome to stay behind and join us in a meditation by TCDSB alumni Alexia Cito from Love Peace Harmony.

We hope you enjoyed the last CSLIT Online meeting for this year and we look forward to seeing at our next event. Thank you.
**Answer to emoji movie about was “The Night Before Christmas.”

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