Virtual Focus Groups for Black Students



Invitation to TCDSB Secondary Students of African Descent who identify as Black

Dear TCDSB Secondary School Students,

Recently, a statement from the Director of Education, Brendan Browne, highlighted the TCDSB’s Commitment to Addressing Anti-Black Racism. As part of this commitment, the Equity Department is working on the Board’s Dismantling Anti-Black Racism (DABR) Strategy and we want your input in its development.

In order to create the Board’s DABR Strategy, we want to learn more about the lived experiences of TCDSB community groups including students, staff, and families who identify as Black and/or African-Canadian.

At this time, Black TCDSB Secondary Students are invited to participate through two streams:

  1. Virtual focus group sessions: Students will be randomly selected (approximately 64 – split between 8 focus groups), to represent various regions within the TCDSB. Parent/guardian consent will be required to participate for those students under 18 years of age if selected for the virtual focus group.
  2. Questionnaire/survey: Students not selected for the virtual focus group will receive an invitation to have their voices heard through a questionnaire/survey submission.

Please note, your participation is optional and you may stop or decline to answer at any time. The results will be summarized and participants will be kept anonymous. Black TCDSB staff will be available to facilitate and support all participants.

The TCDSB is committed to combatting anti-Black racism and other oppressions in our system. We want to hear your voices and learn more about your experiences as a Black student within the TCDSB.

Your voice matters.

Thank you.


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