ECSLIT Online Meeting – Thurs. April 1 @ 4:30 pm


STEP 1: Register by completing this online form (it takes 2 min)


Meet, discuss, and collaborate with student leaders from across the TCDSB! All elementary students from grades 6, 7 and 8 are welcome! A chance to win some prizes!


4:30 pm – ECSLIT Meeting in celebration of Holy Thursday
– Guest Speaker: Q Wilson
– Trivia
– Prizes
– Leadership
– Interaction with students across the TCDSB

Watch Recorded BROADCAST


If you missed meeting, don’t worry, you could watch it anytime here. Below is a quick recap.
Today Julia Rodriguez will be leading us in the beautiful Land Acknowledgement and Opening Prayer.
Time to have a Mike Talk, NO NO NO NOT Ted Talk But Mike Talk!! Go watch Michael Consul’s talk here, where he spoke about the importance of Jesus washing his disciples feet and servant leadership.
Our first guest speaker was Shazia Vlahos, from the TCDSB communications department. She spoke about the importance of creating a positive online image and why effective communication is a necessary characteristic a leader must have. Watch her message here.
Who will win Easter Trivia? Let’s play together!
Time for speaker number 2, Mr. Pastor Q. Watch his whole message here.
Paster Q talked about the importance of Jesus and the symbolism around Jesus being born a regular person.
Paster Q also talked about Jesus’ tremendous significance, although he was once a servant.
Now time for our last game, Scrambled Eggs Easter edition! Confused? See if you can guess the answer below.
What phrase answers the scrambled egg above? Test yourself to see if you can answer the rest of them here!
Before we end the meeting we have some words from Michael Caccamo. You will love the quote he used, watch it here.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Connie Rizzo you won a pizza delivered right to your door step.

Before we end our meeting, time for some mindful meditation with Alexia Cito, fellow graduate from Cardinal Carter.
Join our next ECSLIT meeting on Thursday, May 6th at 4:30 pm.

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