3 Teacher Tips Thursday: April 29th Edition

This week’s 24th edition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday comes from TCDSB Catholic Student Leadership resource teacher Michael Consul (monthly contributor).

Below are 3 simple yet effective resources broken up into 3 categories:
– Great Ideas
– Online Tools
– Teacher PD

Enjoy 3 Teacher Tips Thursday. Hope you find it resourceful.


I’m always looking for fun games to play with students. Now that everything is online, it makes it a little more difficult but not impossible. Here’s a quick and fun game you can play during class if you’re on zoom or google meet.

It’s the teacher vs the whole class. The goal of the game is to beat the teacher.

Step 1. Everyone needs to turn their camera on. When a student gets eliminated from the game, they need to turn their camera off.

Step 2. Students show their selected symbol when I say, “Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT.” Students show their selection on the word “shoot.”

I make my selection behind my back so no one can see and only reveal my choice after making sure everyone is showing their selection.

Those who lose turn their cameras off. Those who win, go on to the next round. You continue playing until there is one student left standing. If there are 2 student left standing, rather than facing me for that round, I have them face each other for one final epic battle.

Another way I’ve played this game is having students hold up their opposite hand showing 5 fingers. Every time they lose a round, they put one finger down. When they run out of fingers, they are eliminated from the game and turn their camera off. Both are quick, fun, and easy. Students enjoy it.


My coop students are always making me cool professional looking posters. One day I asked them, “How did you do that so fast?” Their answer was www.canva.com. I checked it out and wow, it is so easy!

There are a ton of templates, fonts, and stock images. It will seriously make you look like a pro, even if you have very little design sense. Check out some of these templates.

And it’s FREE! If you need create a flyer to promote and event, or poster of any sort, Canva is your one stop shop. It’s like having a personal graphic designer in your back pocket!


Neil deGrasse Tyson is astrophysicist, author, TV show host, and podcaster. I listen to his podcast StarTalk all the time while doing house work or driving in the car. On this particular episode, he takes questions from teachers around the world. A must listen for any educator who teaches Science or is looking to create a sense of curiosity among his/her students.

I listen to the show on Apple podcast, but it’s also available on Youtube. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a master at taking something complicated and explaining it in a way that anyone can understand. When I listen to his podcast, I learn from the content of the show but also take tips on delivery and methodology. Give it a listen, you love it, learn from it, and be very entertained at the same time.


Michael Consul leads the Catholic Student Leadership Department at the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Instagram: @catholicstudentleadership
Twitter: @MikeCLeadership
Tiktok: @cathstudentleadership

This edition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday is brought to you by:
@teachmetoolbox. Educators sharing best practices with fellow educators.

Instagram: @teachmetoolbox

I hope you enjoyed our 24th weekly edition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday. Got an idea, online tool, or PD opportunity you want to share? Email stefanie.lenzo@tcdsb.org.


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