Let’s Talk Faith – LOG IN HERE – Thurs. May 6 @ 4:30 pm

Watch Broadcast Here
Watch Broadcast Here

CSLIT presents a special Catholic Education Week of “Let’s Talk Faith.”

Join our panel discussion on the meaning of FAITH, ways to share your faith, and personal stories of faith.

Panel Members
Emily Lukasik – Development and Peace
Tanika Riley – Por Amor
Gabriella Davies – Former CSLIT Faith Ambassador
Matthew “Testament” Jones – P.E.A.C.E.
Q Wilson – Toronto IC
Julia Rodrigues – Panel Moderator – CSLIT Faith Ambassador

Interact, discuss, and pray with Catholic student leaders across the TCDSB as we explore topics to deepen our faith and strengthen our relationship with God.

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Watch Previous Broadcast

Wed. April 15th w/ special guest Father Obinna

Wed. April 29th w/ Special guest Father Damien

Wed. May 13 w/ Special guest Chaplain Cosmo Femia

Wed. May 27 w/ Special guest Luke Olmes

Wed. June 10 w/ Special guest Pastor Q Wilson

Wed. November 11 w/ Special guest Joanna Alphoso

Wed. December 16 w/ Special guest Darren Pereira

Wed. January 20 w/ Special guest Marie Anne Torres

Wed. Feb 17 w/ Special guests Merle Gonsalvez, Junette Tindan, Michael Consul

Wed. Mar 24 w/ Special guest Dalila Dandrea

Wed. Apr 21 w/ Special guest Adrianne Sequiera

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