Register: D&P Student Day (Mon. Oct. 4)


Development and Peace Virtual Student Day
Learn about D&Ps fall campaign: People First, Planet First
Students will learn ways to put their faith into action by advocating for communities in the global south
Guest speaker from Brazil: Sr. Jean Bellini


Grades 7-8
Grades 9-12


Monday, Oct. 4
9:00 – 10:30 am
Live stream the event in your classroom


Click this LINK to register
Send questions to D&P Animators:


Empower students to get involved
Learn what we can do here in Canada to make a difference around the world
Gather will social justice likeminded students from across the province


51 thoughts on “Register: D&P Student Day (Mon. Oct. 4)

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  1. Thank you for sharing much appreciated, all the best going forward.

    Take care!


    1. why do we have to spend a lot of money to go to mars when we can spend on earth to save our planet. St. Mother’ Teresa 110 room

  2. People and Planet first reminds me of Unity and coming together for the better of the environment -Bishop Reding

  3. People and planet first means that we need to put the welfare of the environment and the people living in it first

  4. People and the planet are far more important then any corporation, especially any who take advantage of poorer countries or companies who don’t care about their carbon footprint.

  5. People and Planet first means that we should prioritize those who don’t have access to basic necessities, before those who overconsume -Karisa

  6. Very shocking! That someone who tries to stand up for global Justice be treated in such a harsh manner!

  7. The fact a peaceful protester who just wants to save and protect the planter is demonized and thrown in jail, is terrifying…

  8. Brazil’s economy grew significantly until recent years, but it has long been dependent on exporting commodities, among other things. How can it emerge with a more diversified economy? 110

  9. Thank you so much Sister Jean for informing us on the issues happening in the Global South! This was so informative! -Karisa

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