Leadership at St. Jean de Brebeuf

Hey teachers and students, we are the student leaders from St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School.  We would like to introduce you to our new program called Developmental Assets.  You're probably wondering what Assets are about.  In this program, we are able to identify a set of skills, experience, relationships and behaviours that are our... Continue Reading →

Zephan From Holy Spirit

For this very last year here for me at Holy Spirit Catholic School, i had an opportunity to make an impact and get involved with so many leadership activities that included going to leadership meetings, a bullying awareness symposium, camp Olympia, provide discussions with the older grades about bullying, and raising awareness. I had also... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Catholic Student Leader

Jerome from Holy Spirit 🙂 This year Holy Spirit's student leaders helped organize the Advent celebration and make it a success.  We had a presentation in the evening for parents and the community to enjoy.  In addition several areas had stations for children and parents such as a petting zoo area,  free hot chocolate and... Continue Reading →

My Leadership

This year I have been involved in many leadership things. Like: -office duty -ME to WE -EC-SLIT -I-LITE - Camp O -Anti Bullying Symposium -Philippine fundraiser -Alexis Arayata from Holy Spirit  

My Leadership

- Me 2 We - E-SCLIT -Camp Olympia -Advent Celebration -Talent Show Help -Monitoring Younger Classes -Philippine Fundraiser Jerome Tanabe 🙂

Holy Spirit Catholic School

This year I was still involved in; Me 2 We, Camp Olympia, E-CSLIT, i-Lite, Monitoring, office monitoring, help setting up different events, delivering milk, helping out with freezies, talent show (preparation for the dance. Marielle from Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Catholic School

This year, I was or still am involved in: me to we camp olympia ecslit ilite monitoring office monitoring helped set up for different events delivering milk delivering popcorn talent show (performed the camp olympia dance)   Joelle Emiliano from Holy Spirit    

Holy Spirit Catholic School

This year,at Holy Spirit Catholic School, I am involved in:-Camp Olympia-ILITE-ECSLIT-Me To We-Monitoring-Andre Alert -Helped set up for different events -Deliver milk -Deliver popcorn-Talent show (performed the camp olympia dance) Elaisa Catapang from Holy Spirit 

Melissa from Holy Spirit

During this wonderful last year here in Holy Spirit, I had to opportunity to be apart of many things.  I remember being part of the Terry Fox Run, being able to help the event happen. I also helped decorating the gym for events like: Halloween Dance, Advent Celebration, Valentine's Dance, and Talent Show.  I was... Continue Reading →

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