Leadership at St. Jean de Brebeuf

Asset pic

Hey teachers and students, we are the student leaders from St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School.  We would like to introduce you to our new program called Developmental Assets.  You’re probably wondering what Assets are about.  In this program, we are able to identify a set of skills, experience, relationships and behaviours that are our strengths and weaknesses.  This allows us to develop skills to be more successful in many different areas of our lives.  There are 40 developmental assets, 20 external and 20 internal.  The belief is that the more assets you have in your life, the lesser chance you will be involved in negative experiences and the more successful you will be in life.  Makes sense right?  At our school, we learned which areas we are Asset rich and areas that we are low in assets and then developed, with the help of our teachers, a program to build assets in our lives.

Students in grades 1-8 are divided in to 8 different HOME groups named after elements.  Each student is in either Sun, Fire, Water, Air, Metal, Wood and Salt.  The grade 1-3 students are involved in a playground program called PALS (Playground Activity Leaders in Schools) and are led by selected leaders in grades 4-6.  The leaders help the younger students to learn how to play together in a kind way and teach them games to keep them busy at recess.  All students in the primary division participate.

The grade 7 and 8 students lead our grade 4-6 students in a monthly mentorship program called ‘Asset Days’.  The 7 and 8 leaders are mentors and co-mentors and lead activities that look at learning skills and help build teamwork and better sense of community.  We started this program in January and so far everyone really enjoys our Asset Days.  They are teaching our older students how to be better leaders and give us more skills to put in our ‘leadership toolbox.’  It also helps us build more assets to be more successful in our lives.  Student leadership is alive and well at St. Jean de Brebeuf.

By: Ruth, Hiwote, Mark, Geo, Jacob, Kelvin, Amanda, Dennis, Alyssa, Troy and Marlon


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