Cheyenne M.

At Holy Spirit, all graduating student must create a goal to complete by the end of the year. This year my goal is to start a writing club for junior and intermediate grades. Even though this goal didn't work out, I still did other leadership activities. I helped out with the bake sale, office monitoring,... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Leadership

The first thing that our school did for leadership was the Advent celebration which involved the whole school. For the Advent celebration, our school held different  events for the students and staff of Holy Spirit. The grade eights where in charge of different stations around the school, like the bake sale, the out doors games (etc.).... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Catholic School

In December 2013, Holy Spirit had an Advent Celebration. Each grade from JK-Grade 8 did a little performance for the whole school that had to do with Christmas. The grade 8's walked into a straight line holding a candle in their hand to guide Mary and Joseph to the stable. Once they got to the stable,... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Catholic School

This year we had an advent celebration that got the whole school involved. All of the grades including the kindergartens participated, performing different songs about Christmas. During the day, myself and some other students helped decorate the gym. The main thing that the grade eights did was we held candles in our hands to guide mary... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Catholic School

This year our school had an Advent celebration that the leadership team along with the rest of the grade 8 class took part in. We did a small presentation of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem and than the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While the students who were playing Mary and... Continue Reading →

Melissa from Holy Spirit

One of the things that we did here in Holy Spirit was the Advent Celebration. During the opening ceremony, we held candles in two separate lines and left an aisle for Mary and Joseph. In the gym, performances were being presented and there were hot chocolate and candy canes in the teacher lounge. There were... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Catholic School Leadership

At Holy Spirit Catholic school, we held an Advent celebration.  Parents and other community members would come to the school to participate in many events. We had a bake sale, animals in the yard where students and parents could pet them, and the intermediate leaders performed a song (a dance as well) and a held... Continue Reading →

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