Zephan from Holy Spirit – School Leadership

One thing that we have done here in Holy Spirit Catholic School that involved all of us on the leadership team was our annual advent celebration. some of the many things we had done was to help set up the stage for our school to perform on, we helped gather and make music and prayers for some of the classes that were involved. I was the MC  for the whole night of the celebration along with another one of our student leaders. During the celebration we had helped out in the making of each concert for a whole week while setting up sound equipment, lighting and special effects, and even seating in our school gymnasium. Our entire leadership team worked hard setting up events. We even had our own nativity scene set up with a live donkey. We had our fellow students set up with scripted actions that had to be done properly, we helped out with all of that. While being an MC of the night, i had to remember all my lines for the entire night from 5:00-9:00 on a Friday and even had to have a few jokes to entertain the audience if there was a malfunction or if something went wrong during the night. I think that our entire leadership team in our school did absolutely wonderful during the whole night. I am proud of what they did that night. We all came together and had done our job right and the night ended up being a success and very entertaining for the parents and students of our school community.

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