Camp Olympia 2016 Registration & Schools Attending

Register for Olympia Leadership Camp Here are the dates for the long awaited Olympia Student  Leadership Elementary Camps for 2016. Camp #1 Wednesday, May 4 to Friday, May 6th – 2016 -Hosted by Immaculate Conception Camp #2 **DATE CHANGED** Monday, May 9 to Wednesday, May 11 – 2016 -Hosted by Philippines Service Trip Leaders (various high schools) Camp #3... Continue Reading →

Camp Olympia 2014: Camp 3

The third elementary Camp Olympia was OUTSTANDING! The St. Ursula students made sure that every single leader was involved and active, making it a SUPERB three days! The positive energy was as strong as ever! The banners were real works of art! Showing the true dedication of every school! The lip syncs looked professional and... Continue Reading →

Smile Camp- Day 3

The students, teachers, facilitators and officers woke up extra early on the last day of SMILE Camp for the sunrise ceremony; especially the mentors who had to wake up before everyone else to do wake up calls and to prepare the fire. Everyone wrote special intentions and put them into the fire. To get warm (It was really... Continue Reading →

Smile Camp- Day 2 part 2

We start off the evening with the SMILE Camp Talent Show! Everyone had amazing performances and talents. We had a great time watching others perform and showcase their talents.   Family Groups performed for the talent show!   Next up was the individual performances! Brave leaders went out of their comfort zones to show what they got! Amazing performances guys!... Continue Reading →

Smile Camp- Day 2 part 1

We start off an exciting day 2 at SMILE Camp with a lovely wake up call by our high school mentors. The mentors look very fashionable in their beachwear. Must be very warm outside! : ) The High school mentors leads the morning stretches The Air family performs the morning reflection. Students participate in an... Continue Reading →

Smile Camp- Day 1

On Sunday, November 24, 2014; 60 students, 11 teachers, 11 facilitators, and 10 high school mentors from the Toronto Catholic District School Board and Toronto District School Board, along with the Toronto Police Services Team packed their suitcases an leadership toolboxes to travel to Camp George in Perry Sound for the S.M.I.L.E Camp Experience. During this... Continue Reading →

S.M.I.L.E. Camp 2013 – Apply Today

APPLY TO ATTEND SMILE CAMP APPLY TO ATTEND SMILE CAMP SMILE Camp stands for Students, Staff and Maximizing Inter-Community Leadership Experience.  SMILE Camp is a partnership with ProAction Cops & Kids and the Toronto District School Board which focuses on celebrating our diversity and building community. More information about SMILE Camp. We are looking for 5 elementary schools... Continue Reading →

Camp Olympia 2014 Dates and Schools attending

  In 2014……. 1 CAMP.. 3 DAYS and 2 NIGHTS.. 3 student LEADERSHIP overnight experiences.. 3 brave Catholic elementary school HOSTS.. And…………. 36 catholic elementary school PARTICIPANTS, Come together on April 27th - 29th, May 4th - May 6th and May 7th - 9th to embark on a once in a life time journey they will NEVER FORGET. CAMP 1... Continue Reading →

SMILE Camp Reunion 2012 – May 13, 2013

On May 13, 2013 the SMILE Camp members came together for a joyful reunion since they got together in November 2012. It was a chance to share their achievements on the Action Plans they made at camp, celebrate their successes and reconnect with fellow leaders and old friends.  SMILE Camp stands for Students and Staff Maximizing Inter-Community... Continue Reading →


On the last day of SMILE Camp the mentors were awake early preparing the fire for the sunrise ceremony. Students wrote personal intentions and put them in the fire through the sacred ceremony. Here’s the SMILE Camp process: 1. Pre-Camp Leadership Training (1/2 day at the CEC) CHECK 2. Leadership Formation (3 days at Camp... Continue Reading →

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