Catholic Leadership Camp – Olympia Style

August 27th – Student leaders from across the TCDSB arrive at the CEC to embark on a 3 hour bus ride. That bus is headed northbound to Olympia Sports Camp for a week of leadership training, bonding, and classic summer camp fun.

Every year, during week 9 of Camp Olympia’s summer programing, a Catholic Leadership program is run by Greg Rogers, formerly the head of Catholic Student Leadership for the TCDSB. With guest speakers covering everything from refugee crisis’ across the globe, to youth homelessness in our own backyard, student leaders gain a vast knowledge of social issues facing us today. Throughout the week, with the help of facilitators from WE, student leaders learn skills and gain resources that will help them spread awareness and address any one of these issues.

Along the way, campers disconnect from the digital world and reconnect to nature, push themselves out of their comfort zones by tackling various high ropes courses, learn how to become the heroes of their own stories, laugh, sing, dance, and make friendships around the campfire that will last a lifetime.

After a week of fun and some tough goodbyes, the leaders headed back home. Now armed with the knowledge, the skills, the tools, and the support of their fellow leaders, they can start their journey to make change in their communities, in their country, and in the world.

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